I’m In!

I got into the Bank of America Chicago Marathon through the lottery system!  I am SO excited.


Before I got ‘the word’, I was wondering if my excitement would turn to panic or dread.  It didn’t.  I found out yesterday and I’m still excited!  I know training through the summer is going to be hot but I don’t care.

I’ve discovered that I need a goal.  I have a hard time motiving myself to just get up and go unless I have a plan, a goal, some REASON to get up and go.

I’ve got a pretty good reason, now!  More to come.  Lots more to come.

Until next time!

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Selfie Sunday

I went to Chicago this weekend for a conference and was able to go out for a run on Sunday morning.  I had such a good time for a few reasons:

1.  The random route that I chose was interesting and beautiful.

2.  I wasn’t on any sort of schedule – meaning I didn’t need to run any certain distance or at any certain pace.

3.  I stopped and took time to look around and take selfies.  I like selfies and I’m not ashamed.

Take a look at my pics:


I ran 3 miles and walked another 2.6 miles.  I crossed paths with the Shamrock Shuffle 8K a few times and stopped and waved at the runners.  If you’ve never cheered at a running race, you should do it at least once.  The runners appreciate the support. 


So, how did my knees hold up?  Pretty good.  I didn’t feel any pain at all while I was out running and walking. 

I stopped here and took a selfie because there were 20 other people doing it.  Don’t know what was so special about this spot, but I had to join in.  And yes, I realize my eyebrows look crazy! 


Later in the evening, I had a little tenderness, but nothing to really get worked up about.  On Monday morning (today), my right knee hurt a little bit walking down the stairs from my bedroom. 

I was able to get through physical therapy without too much modification for knee pain.  I got a little bit of a hand slap for running and walking so far on Sunday, but I don’t really care.  I don’t feel like I overdid it. 

I even had a little snack that afternoon to celebrate.  🙂


Until next time!

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Don’t tell my PT this, but I ran for 45 minutes and walked for 5 minutes on the treadmill this morning.

We are in New Orleans and I went down to the hotel fitness center as early as I could drag myself out of the warm, cozy bed.  It was about 6:30 a.m.  When I got down there, the lone elliptical machine was occupied.  There was a recumbent bike, but I have issues that prohibit me from sitting on one of those things for very long.

So, I got on one of the two treadmills and set it for 45 minutes at a 15 minute pace.  When I first started running, I felt a little weird.  It was sort like my knees were swollen or something, but they weren’t.  I ran at the 15 minute pace for a mile and then sped up to a 12 minute pace for a mile.  So far, so good.

THEN, a lady got on the treadmill next to me.  For some random reason, I felt like I COULDN’T get off or slow down while she was next to me.  I don’t know why, but I started going faster and faster every 5 minutes or so.  I ran the last half mile at just under a 9 minute pace.  WHAT??

I know the PT ‘recommended’ that I not run or walk for long distances, but it felt great.  For just those 45-50 minutes, I felt good running.  I didn’t even mind that it was on the treadmill.

As I was stepping off of the treadmill, I was sort of anticipating a little knee pain, but I felt fine.

It’s 12 hours later and after walking around on an hour and a half campus tour, up 3 flights of stairs, down 6 flights (don’t ask), a couple of hours of walking the streets of New Orleans, my knees are hurting.  They aren’t terrible, but they are hurting.

Oh, well.  I have no regrets.  Maybe the elliptical will be free in the morning.

Until next time!

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Don’t Run, Dedeaux, Don’t Run

Well, I’m sidelined for a bit.  My left knee (mostly) has been bothering me.  I went to physical therapy today and talked about my issue.  Result:  I’ve gotten a recommendation to not run, walk for long distances or do Body Pump.


Here’s what the PT recommends:

  • elliptical (hate it, but I can do it)
  • swimming (my crappy gym doesn’t have a pool)
  • spin class (gonna check it out!)

I could get caught up in WHYYYYYY MEEEEEE, but I won’t.  I WILL confess that I kind of think I still want to go to Body Pump.  I know I shouldn’t.   I probably won’t.

Maybe I will take the WHYYYYY MEEEEE???? route after all.  Ugh.  I won’t get all pitiful, but it is a bit frustrating when the mind wants to do one thing and the realities of an aging body are like:  “Uh, no.”

Until next time!

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I’m back!  I ‘sat out’ for a while ‘resting and recovering’ from the Houston Marathon. 

I’ve been going to physical therapy for my knee/hip and I’ve run a few times – really slow and short. 

This week, I started Body Pump class at the gym.  I am so sore.  It hurts to do anything with my arms.  I guess that means I REALLY needed to be in this class.  My lower body is okay, maybe a little stiff in the mornings but not bad.  I am hoping that this class will help me reach my 2014 goal of FIVE CHIN UPS.  How many can I do now?  None.  I’ve got work to do.

Guess what?  I am going to enter the lottery to get into the 2014 Chicago marathon.  Yes.  I said it.   The lottery registration opens on March 5 and I will be throwing my hat in.  Wish me luck.

I know what you’re thinking:  “But Mary, I thought you said the Houston Marathon was going to be your last.” 

I changed my mind.

That’s all.  Until next time!

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My second marathon was yesterday.  It was a long road to January 19, 2014.

The last couple of weeks before the marathon were kind of stressful for me. Granted, it was stress created by me and was probably unnecessary, but it was stressful nonetheless.

First of all, we had some awful weather a couple of weeks prior that gave me an excuse to not run all of my training runs. It was cold, snowy, rainy and then icy. I ran about half of my runs at the gym on the treadmill. The other half, well… They didn’t get done.

This is what it looked like out my bedroom window for the better of a week (never mind the ‘junk’ in the yard. We are having a remodeling job done and the contractor left that crap in the yard.)


During the week before the marathon, I ran on Sunday but then it was like there was a conspiracy to keep me from running the rest of the week. I woke up with headaches three days in a row, one morning I didn’t wake up in time to run before I had to take my son to the airport… Blah, blah, blah. I felt guilty all week for not running but I never made myself get up and go. It was like I was sinking into some kind of ‘lazy vortex’. (That was pretty dramatic! Hahaha!)  I just kept thinking I was setting myself up for failure.  I read somewhere that you start losing physical fitness after four days.

I had physical therapy on Thursday and afterward, I started thinking that maybe I should have skipped it. My thighs were sore and my hip hurt a little bit the morning afterward. I started thinking “That can’t be good, can it?” I sure didn’t want to start the marathon in pain!

As Friday afternoon rolled around, I was feeling nervous and anxious. Was I really ready for this?  Was this a mistake? How much would those missed runs and pain after therapy hurt me?

We dropped Sophie (the dog) off at the boarding facility and headed to the airport.  Before we could get to the airport, we got a notification that our flight was being delayed an hour. Then we got another one:  delayed another hour.  So… Now we couldn’t make our connection in Dallas. Wonderful. After switching to a new flight through a different city, we went back home for a little bit.

Alright! Now we’re on our way for real! Yes!

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! After we got through security at the airport and found a place to sit and wait for our flight to board, I realized I didn’t have my phone.  My husband went back to the parking lot to see if it was in the car.  It wasn’t and there was no time to go back home to retrieve it. Ugh. I think I cried a little.

This weekend did NOT get off to a good start. I hoped this wasn’t some kind of omen. I was feeling pretty down (yes..  about my phone – don’t judge)  It got worse, though. Our flight in Chicago was delayed for almost 2 hours. It was 3 in the morning on Saturday before we got into out rental car in Houston.

#fail – big time

I guess if I were the sort to look on the bright side of things, I would have concentrated on how good it was that we traveled on Friday and not Saturday. I can’t even imagine how terrible it would have been to get to a Houston at 3am right before the race.

Saturday morning, my husband and I went out for my very last run before the marathon. I was supposed to run a mile or two.  I ran .43 miles and was tired. Nothing hurt but I was winded and tired.


At the expo for packet pickup, I met the pace leader for the pace group that I decided to run with. She seemed ok. It was kind of a non-event. For some reason, I thought I would get some pace group tips, secrets and little known facts or something. But no, there was just a FAQ poster and a wristband with mile splits.

When the alarm went off the next morning, I was ready to get this show in the road! I lucked up and stayed at a hotel that was about 2 blocks from my start corral (GO Corral D!).

At 6:30, I was dressed, had my half-charged Nike GPS watch on (which died before 19 miles) and was headed out the door to line up. I should have been excited but I was more scared and nervous than anything. We found my pace group pretty easily. My husband encouraged me to run a little bit to warm up. I sort of poo-poo’d the thought but did it anyway and it was helpful.


One of my husband’s old friends came to wish me well before the race and snapped a picture of us.


Our chorale started about 25 minutes after the gun. I was SO nervous. Back in June when I entered the lottery for this marathon, this moment seemed like it was a really long way away. All of those questions about my readiness went out of my head. All I could think about at first was putting one foot in front of the other and I was super aware of any body part that might be (or start) hurting.

After the first few miles, I was feeling pretty good and I WAS HAVING FUN!! WHAT? HOW COULD THIS BE?

From the start to the finish, the spectators in Houston were great! I saw Elvis, chickens, cows, all sorts of super heros, hot dogs, dogs, bears, lions, belly dancers, lots of singers and bands and a whole lot of DJ’s. It was so much fun reading all of the crazy signs and posters. A few of my favorites were:

Marathon is Greek for ‘Poor Decision Making’
Smile If You Just Pee’d a Little (My husband didn’t like this one so much)
I’m Proud of you Random Stranger
This is the Worst Parade Ever

There were also 3 different “Prayer Stations” along the course which really touched me.  At each of them, there was someone with both of these verses on posters:

  • Part of Hebrews 12:1 – “…and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…”

  • Phillipians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

I got really choked up the second time I saw the prayer station.   I was moved that those people were out there wishing us well and praying for us.  It meant a lot to me.

I’ve never run a race with a pace group but I can’t imagine doing a marathon without one, now. (Wait… Oh, never mind.).

Our pace leader was the.best. She kept everyone pumped and feeling like we were all doing a great job. She encouraged everyone to drink at water/Gatorade stations, she suggested fueling if we had GU or gels, etc. and she made sure we all knew when she was running or planning to walk.


She kept us on a 5:1 schedule.  We ran 5 minutes and walked 1 minute for an overall pace of 12 minute miles. After about mile 15, I couldn’t walk anymore because it hurt my hip too much to start running again. It was easier to alternate running with a ‘trot’ than to walk.

So, as I mentioned, around mile 11 my hip started hurting. By mile 15, it was burning like a fire in dry hay. At that point, I was seriously considering stopping at one of the prayer stations. I was struggling but I was still able to keep up with the group. Looking at all of the spectators was really helpful because it helped take my mind off of my burning hip.

The absolute best part of the race was seeing my family along the route. It made me feel so happy to see my husband, my daughter, my sisters and my nieces and nephews yelling and cheering me on. It was just great. And how about this? At around 19 miles, when I was starting to really be bothered by my hip pain, my brother-in-law runs up beside me and ran the rest of the way with me. Not impressed? Well, he’d already run the half that morning – and PR’d by the way. It was such a boost for me! I think I ran those last 7 miles much stronger and faster because he was there.

Even though I was in pain for quite a distance, I felt happy and excited the whole race.  There was ONE time when I thought maybe it was going to end poorly but I was still excited to be there.  What a difference environment makes.  Galveston was an absolute nightmare:  rainy, cold, windy, no spectators, two loops…  This was SO much better!

When we were about 2-1/2 miles from the finish, our pace leader told me and Charlie that we should just go because I was running faster than their pace. She thought I was running strong – which made me feel pretty good even though I was hurting.

So – we ran off.   After about a half mile, another lady from the pace group named Abby joined us and the three of us headed toward the finish.

When we got about a mile from the finish, Charlie (my BIL) asking me if I could see the George R. Brown Convention Center (where the marathon began and ended) but I couldn’t. I wish I could have. It would have made me feel better. I really wanted to see that finish!

We rounded a corner and Charlie said “Can you see it? It’s right up there.” I told him I couldn’t see it and some guy on the side if the street yelled at me “Yes you CAN see it!”  It was hilarious.  I appreciated the interaction but I still couldn’t see it.

When I did see the finish line, I wanted to sprint to the end but my hip was hurting SO, SO bad. I told Charlie I needed to walk for a few steps, which I did. Then, I took off and ran as fast as I could to the finish line. It was such a great feeling. I was so happy. When I got to the man who was putting my medal around my neck, I wanted to cry, but couldn’t. When he was putting the medal on me, I told him. “I’m so happy!” He congratulated me and pulled out a medal for the next person.

I finished feeling great!  I was tired and beat down but I NEVER HIT THE WALL,  and my knee didn’t bother me at all. Was it the IT strap that I wore around it or did the last minute therapy, stretching and massage help? I think it was most likely a combination of all of these things.

At the finish, I was so happy and proud.  It was a great feeling!

I accomplished all of the things I wanted to accomplish:

  1. do better in this marathon than I did in Galveston in 2012

  2. have a pleasant time

  3. feel like I couldn’t have done any better

What a day! It was so much better than I could have ever imagined.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story. Here are some pictures that my family took:











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FIVE Days… FIVE Days!

You know when you have a SUPER GREAT idea and you jump head first into making it a reality and then you start thinking “What was I thinking?”

Welcome to my life right now.

I can’t think of anything but the marathon at this point.  I wake up thinking about it.  I am thinking about all day long – every time I walk up the stairs and I feel a little twinge in my knee, every time I see my running shoes in the corner, every time I see someone running down the street, every time I eat something…  I fall asleep thinking about the marathon.  It’s exhausting.  I am a bit obsessive and that’s making it worse.

These next five days may be some really long days.

In my last post, I mentioned that I decided what pants I’m gonna run in.  I still don’t know about a shirt because it may be HOT.  Okay – not hot, but REALLY WARM in Houston on Sunday.  The high is predicted to be 69 degrees.  When I’m running, 69 and 65% humidity feels like 90 degrees.  Eso no es bueno… Remember, I live in the midwest.  It’s been cold here for WEEKS AND WEEKS.  I may run in a tank top.  I don’t generally like running sleeveless because I am bothered by ‘the jiggle’, but I might have to bite the bullet and do it.  I’m trying to create the best possible scenario for myself!  Running hot is not good.

Lady Sweating

I guess the heat will take away the need for ear warmers and gloves .  Will I need a ‘throw away’ jacket?  I don’t really do ‘throw away’, though.  It might be more like ‘tie around my waist til I see someone I know who can take it from me’.  I am too cheap to throw a jacket on the ground – even if I got it from Goodwill for the purpose of throwing it on the grown.  Decisions, decisions.

Oh, I went to the physical therapist on Monday.  I have some strengthening exercises to see if I can get a last minute boost.  They made my knee hurt  so I’m not sure how helpful they will be for Sunday.

I got the distinct impression that the PT doubts I will finish this marathon.  I told him it was on Sunday and he said “Oh, hmmm.  Good…luck…”.  WTH? (Flashback:  I remember telling my PT in 2011 that I was running a marathon in 6 months and he had a similar reaction.)

I teared up a little bit on Monday when the guy reacted that way.  I think he may be a running snob.  He talked about how after the marathon we could work on my form and went on to demonstrate how lots of runners sway back and forth too much, swing their arms wildly and move their upper bodies too much when they run.  He was assuming that I MUST do one of those things.

Funny side note:  Have you seen this video?  It’s hilarious. http://youtu.be/nGojEyYBmwc

But seriously, I have to say – I have pretty good running form.  The ONLY thing I probably do is run too upright.  I like how my husband refers to my form:  I am “efficient”.  So suck it, Mr. PT…

And on that sour note…

Until next time!

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Outfit Try-Outs

So, my camel toe and I went for a run today.

I am trying to decide what to wear for my marathon next Sunday and today, I wore some new compression capris.  These are the pair that I got:


When I pulled them out of the package, I was taken aback by the size.  They seemed really, really small – but then I guess they couldn’t ‘compress’ if they were my actual size.  They’ve got this stiff feeling material that makes cris-crosses (is that a word?) above and below the knee.  This stuff is supposed to help stabilize my knee and support my muscles and joints.  Hmm…

My other objective for today’s run was to actually run outside on the real street.  I’ve been running on the treadmill for the past week while we suffer through the Arctic Vortex and it’s aftermath.  It was SOOO cold and miserable here last week.

After the cold weather passed, the streets were still clogged with snow piled everywhere and there was still ice on the sidewalks.  I just didn’t feel it was worth the possible injury to run outside, so I hit the gym.

I put the pants on and they were so tight around my stomach and waist I wasn’t sure I would be able to run in them.  My legs felt fine.  The tights are very tight and I was aware of the stiff material while I was running but it didn’t bother me too much.  I had a little bit of a camel toe, though.  Oh, well.

I ran 6 miles around Forest Park and the pants did fine.  Or rather, I did fine in the pants.  I didn’t have any chafing, they didn’t start falling down, I could live with the tightness around my stomach and I felt pretty comfortable in them.  I’m going to run a couple more times in them but I think I have a winner!

So, I just need to nail down a bra, shirt, jacket and socks.  I am wearing my newest pair of shoes.  They’ve got around 50 miles on them, so I think they’re broken in enough.  I wonder if I should take an old pair with me just in case.

It’s 7 days til my marathon.  Woo Hoo!

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The Countdown Has Begun

It’s been so long.  I haven’t posted for a myriad of reasons:  guilt, nothing to say, stress, procrastination…  I’m back, though!  Try to contain your excitement 🙂

So, my marathon is 10 days from today – January 19.  I’m feeling worried, scared and excited but most of all, I’m ready to get this over with.  Things have not gone the way I envisioned they’d go.  That’s okay.  I can’t do anything about it, now.  We’ve bought plane tickets, reserved a hotel room and planned to see friends and family after the marathon.  We’ll either be celebrating or they’ll be consoling me. 

Why all the nay-saying?  I am concerned about the fitness of my left knee and my right hip.  I wasn’t sure what was going on with my knee at first, but now I think it’s ITB related.  No bueno.  My last long run was supposed to be 20 miles, but at 19 miles, I texted my family to pick me up.  I was in tears, limping and totally defeated.  Well, maybe not TOTALLY defeated.  I was about 2/3 of a mile from home and I kept my sad, barely moving, kind of a jog/walk combo pace.  I never actually stopped until my daughter came to pick me up.  At that point, I was a block from home but I felt like I STILL needed a ride home.  It felt like I was dragging two dead legs along beneath me.  I was a MESS.

Before I called for ‘help’, I was dry heave crying.  I’d experienced that once or twice when I trained for my first marathon.  It’s weird.  I’m making crying gestures and gasping for breath but no tears ever fall.  Very weird.  I most likely had not had enough fluid.  I took some with me and still had half of it at the ‘end’.  I seriously need someone to yell at me and make me drink.  SMH…

So anyway.  I crapped out on my last long run.  My left knee and my right hip hurt.  I’m nervous.

What am I doing about it?

1.  stretching, using The Stick and doing some 11th hour hip strengthening

2.  taking a NSAID that i got from the doctor

3.  telling myself that I am GOING TO finish this race 

4.  I got some compression capris to test out – maybe they’ll help

I initially didn’t have a time goal but when training was going so great and I was getting faster, I started to think maybe I would finish at a certain time.  If my knee holds up, I could still make that time.  My knee is probably NOT going to hold up.  I’m not being negative.  It hurts during EVERY run so odds are that it won’t hold up.  That’s just the way it is.  The mystery is WHEN it will start to hurt.  If I can get through 13-15 miles without significant pain, I’m good.  I can jog/walk/crawl to the finish in time.  So, send good thoughts and prayers my way.

Until next time.


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It’s Mostly Mental

There’s lots of ‘wisdom’ out there about what training for a marathon is like. 
It’s a big commitment.
It’s hard.
It separates the serious from the not so serious.
It takes over your life.
It’s crazy…

I agree with all of these to some extent, but the one thing that I agree with fully is that it is mostly mental.  Don’t get me wrong.  You MUST put in the work but part of what keeps me on track to put in the work is my attitude about it.  Some weeks my head is just not into it and it shows up in my runs.

My biggest mental challenge in training for this marathon was today.  I RAN EIGHTEEN MILES ON THE TREADMILL.  You read it right.  I ran 18 miles on the treadmill today.

Looks like fun, huh?

My plan for today was 17 miles, but I wanted to push it to 18 just because…  I made that decision last week and then I realized the weather was heading south – or north, whatever.  It was 65 degrees on Tuesday and by Thursday, the high was 30 degrees.  Ugh.  So, it started snowing, the wind was blowing kind hard and it was pretty clear that an outside run wasn’t going to happen.  Now, I’ve got to wrap my mind around either postponing my run til Saturday morning or running on Friday – ON THE TREADMILL.

I don’t like running on Saturday mornings so…

It was soooooo hard to get out of the bed and get going this morning.  I planned to get up and out the door by 8, then 9, then 10.  I finally headed out the door to the gym at 11:30.  When I got into the parking lot, I sat in the car for 10 minutes – stalling.  I was NOT looking forward to this run.  I mean, I am never really looking forward to my long runs but today, I just had an extra sense of dread.  I really, really didn’t want to do this run on the treadmill.

But anyway, I went in and after peeling off and putting all of my cold weather clothes in a locker:  track pants, sweatshirt, jacket, earmuffs, gloves, scarf… I picked a front row, end treadmill and headed ‘out’ for my run.  The first couple of miles were okay.  I started getting bored around 4 miles.  Not good. So. Not. Good.

Then I noticed a kind of middle-aged muscley guy looking at me.  I didn’t think it was in a ‘let’s hook up’ kind of way.  I figured he was looking out of some curiosity – of what, I wasn’t sure.  At about 5-1/2 miles, It was kind of obvious that he was looking at me.  He walked over and pointed to his watch like he wanted to say something to me so I took my earbud out and we had a short conversation:

Guy:  You’ve been on there for a long time.
Me:  (Deciding to mess with his head)  Yeah – I’ve only got 12 more miles to go.
Guy:  (Looking shocked – which was my only reason for telling him about the 12 miles)  What?  Are you kidding?
Me:  No, I wish I was.  I’ve got 12 more miles to go. 
Some other random guy:  Are you for real?  How far have you run already?
Me:  Yeah – I’m for real.  I’ve run 5.77 so far, so I guess I have a little over 12 to go.
SORG:  You are running 18 miles on the treadmill?
Me:  Yep.  Check back in a couple of hours.  I’ll still be here.
Guy:  So, I’m not even gonna ask.  How old are you? (So much for not asking…)
Me:  48 – I don’t mind saying (It’s not a big deal to me.)
Guy:  WHAT?  I would have guessed like 35.  Wow.
Me:  (In my head – so… is he lying and he thought  I was gonna be older?)  Y’all just gave me life for another couple of miles.  Thanks!


It was such a coincidence that I had this exchange today.  I was reading a comment on the National Black Marathoner’s Association Facebook page about how a man had conversations at the gym about how long he was running on the treadmill.  When I read it, I though “Hmm.  No one ever asks me about my runs when I’m at the gym”.  And voila!  Someone asked.

I did have a little more pep in my step for a little while after talking to those guys.  It could have been the excitement from the short convo or it could have been the pressure of announcing how far I was gonna go.  I couldn’t quit now.  Yay.

Rest assured, though.  After a few more miles on the dang treadmill, I wanted to quit.  It became a mental battle to not quit.  Like my husband said to me when we were talking about this run later, it’s not like running on the street where you’re miles from home and you have to get back to somewhere anyway.  My car was literally 100 feet away.  I could see it from the treadmill.  All I had to do was hit ‘stop’, step off and head for the car. (Well, after collecting my two bag loads of clothes from the locker.)  I could put myself out of my misery just like that.

But no…  Remember?  It’s mostly mental.  I seriously needed to keep my head into it. I kept saying stuff like this to myself:

I’ll feel crappy if I quit.
It’s only another hour…
People are watching me. (Okay, I knew no one was watching me – or were they?…)

You get the point.  I usually don’t fall for my mind games, but today it worked.  I could NOT quit.

Must. keep. going.

By the way, the guy who talked to me came by and talked to me again.  He looked at the treadmill time but it was after I’d run the max 99 minutes and I’d had to start over.

I told him “Oh, you know the treadmill will only let you go 99 minutes per cycle.?” 
He said, “No.  I did not know that.” 
Me in my head:  Hahahahahaha!  Of course, you didn’t.
Then he said “You’re making me feel like an inferior athlete.” 
I assured him there was no reason for that, but I did privately get a kick out of it.  I never call myself an athlete.  I think of myself as someone who runs. 

The last 6 miles were especially terrible.  My phone died, so my NIke+ program was gone.  My music was gone.  Not good.  I had such a hard time getting these last miles done.  I need music.  I was panicking that I’d lose my run on Nike+ (which is a big deal – you don’t mess with my NIke+ run record!)

But I still finished.  I was SO happy and relieved.  I felt like a big tire full of bricks had been lifted from around my neck.  Yesssss!

It really is mental, though.  My body wasn’t all THAT tired.  I never struggled with my breath.  I was just bored out of my mind and didn’t want to be there.  I did it, though.  All that mumbo jumbo talking positive stuff really works.  Who knew?

I ran EIGHTEEN miles on the treadmill.  I kinda like saying that.

Crazy Lady with Googly Eyes

Until next time!

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