Don’t tell my PT this, but I ran for 45 minutes and walked for 5 minutes on the treadmill this morning.

We are in New Orleans and I went down to the hotel fitness center as early as I could drag myself out of the warm, cozy bed.  It was about 6:30 a.m.  When I got down there, the lone elliptical machine was occupied.  There was a recumbent bike, but I have issues that prohibit me from sitting on one of those things for very long.

So, I got on one of the two treadmills and set it for 45 minutes at a 15 minute pace.  When I first started running, I felt a little weird.  It was sort like my knees were swollen or something, but they weren’t.  I ran at the 15 minute pace for a mile and then sped up to a 12 minute pace for a mile.  So far, so good.

THEN, a lady got on the treadmill next to me.  For some random reason, I felt like I COULDN’T get off or slow down while she was next to me.  I don’t know why, but I started going faster and faster every 5 minutes or so.  I ran the last half mile at just under a 9 minute pace.  WHAT??

I know the PT ‘recommended’ that I not run or walk for long distances, but it felt great.  For just those 45-50 minutes, I felt good running.  I didn’t even mind that it was on the treadmill.

As I was stepping off of the treadmill, I was sort of anticipating a little knee pain, but I felt fine.

It’s 12 hours later and after walking around on an hour and a half campus tour, up 3 flights of stairs, down 6 flights (don’t ask), a couple of hours of walking the streets of New Orleans, my knees are hurting.  They aren’t terrible, but they are hurting.

Oh, well.  I have no regrets.  Maybe the elliptical will be free in the morning.

Until next time!

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