Run Streak

I’m doing the Runner’s World Run Streak again this year.  What is that, you ask?  Runners commit to running at least one mile per day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  I think it’s 38 days.  Sounds simple enough, right?

My husband is doing it with me and I believe we are on day 18.  Physically, it is easy.  It’s a little challenging mentally, though.  There have been days when I am not scheduled to run and I just did not feel like ‘suiting up’ to run one stinking mile.  It seems like a lot of effort to run one mile.  Ugh.  One mile…  So, yeah.  That’s the challenge.

We’ve run in the rain


We’ve run in the cold..


I’ve noticed an unintended consequence of running every day:  I’m finding that I wear my running clothes all day long on the days that I ‘only run one mile’.  I’ve become THAT person.  I scoff at the ladies in Target, Trader Joe’s, the mall, etc. that are wearing running clothes.  I’d think to myself that either a) “You ran and didn’t take a shower afterward” or b) “You’re wearing running clothes and you don’t even run.”  So, I’m lady A.  I run a mile in my clothes and then keep them on until I am forced by societal norms to change clothes.  If I have a meeting for any of the community organizations that I’m involved in, I’ll change.  If I have to go to court (I’m not in trouble, calm down!), I’ll change.  If I have to go to the grocery store, say… Trader Joe’s, Target or THE MALL…  I wear my running clothes.  

Yep.  I’m that lady, now.  But hey, the running streak is intact!  Go me.

mace walker #RWRunStreak

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2 Responses to Run Streak

  1. Lenora says:

    Hey Mary — LOL! Hello to Jeff, Jeremy and Sydney and Merry Christmas! Love ya! Lenora

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