Ten Days til My Marathon!

This is my ‘recover’ week, so I’m just reminiscing on days gone by.

Run Dedeaux Run

The countdown begins!  Only 10 days til my very first (only??) full marathon!  I am excited, nervous, scared…

Last night, I asked my husband this question:  “What if I can’t finish the race?”  He answered, “It’s not just about the race.  It’s about the whole journey.  You set a goal and worked hard to achieve it.  Lots of people start marathons and don’t finish.  Lots of people have bad runs – even elite athletes get hurt and can’t finish.  I wouldn’t be too disappointed for not finishing….(insert some other words that start to run together and all sound the same…)  Are you tearing up thinking about it?  What were you expecting me to say?” 

Me:  “Uh, not that.”

Husband:  “You asked me what if you didn’t finish.  I think you will finish but that’s not what you asked me.”

So.  Let me just say up front.  I…

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