Selfie Sunday

I went to Chicago this weekend for a conference and was able to go out for a run on Sunday morning.  I had such a good time for a few reasons:

1.  The random route that I chose was interesting and beautiful.

2.  I wasn’t on any sort of schedule – meaning I didn’t need to run any certain distance or at any certain pace.

3.  I stopped and took time to look around and take selfies.  I like selfies and I’m not ashamed.

Take a look at my pics:


I ran 3 miles and walked another 2.6 miles.  I crossed paths with the Shamrock Shuffle 8K a few times and stopped and waved at the runners.  If you’ve never cheered at a running race, you should do it at least once.  The runners appreciate the support. 


So, how did my knees hold up?  Pretty good.  I didn’t feel any pain at all while I was out running and walking. 

I stopped here and took a selfie because there were 20 other people doing it.  Don’t know what was so special about this spot, but I had to join in.  And yes, I realize my eyebrows look crazy! 


Later in the evening, I had a little tenderness, but nothing to really get worked up about.  On Monday morning (today), my right knee hurt a little bit walking down the stairs from my bedroom. 

I was able to get through physical therapy without too much modification for knee pain.  I got a little bit of a hand slap for running and walking so far on Sunday, but I don’t really care.  I don’t feel like I overdid it. 

I even had a little snack that afternoon to celebrate.  🙂


Until next time!

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