Don’t Run, Dedeaux, Don’t Run

Well, I’m sidelined for a bit.  My left knee (mostly) has been bothering me.  I went to physical therapy today and talked about my issue.  Result:  I’ve gotten a recommendation to not run, walk for long distances or do Body Pump.


Here’s what the PT recommends:

  • elliptical (hate it, but I can do it)
  • swimming (my crappy gym doesn’t have a pool)
  • spin class (gonna check it out!)

I could get caught up in WHYYYYYY MEEEEEE, but I won’t.  I WILL confess that I kind of think I still want to go to Body Pump.  I know I shouldn’t.   I probably won’t.

Maybe I will take the WHYYYYY MEEEEE???? route after all.  Ugh.  I won’t get all pitiful, but it is a bit frustrating when the mind wants to do one thing and the realities of an aging body are like:  “Uh, no.”

Until next time!

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