I Keep On Falling…

It’s long run day. I remembered my plethora of items and to-dos. I even wrote a cheat sheet for my route. The weather was PERFECT for a run.

I lost my cheat sheet on the run. Looked down and my little pouch was unzipped – no cheat sheet. Alrighty then.

The run went okay until I wet down a street that was closed.
Had to double back and go a different route.

Then later, I fell. Yep. Hit the ground. I was stunned and a little confused about how it even happened.





A guy at a construction site came running across the street to check on me. He said “I saw you running and I turned around. When I turned back, you were on the ground.” Thats pretty much how it happened.

I think I’m fine. My knee is a little sore where it’s scraped and my hip (which I fell on) hurts a teeny bit.

But who cares right now? I FINISHED MY 20 MILE RUN!!!

Soon, I will rest.

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Trying to Remember if I’ve Forgotten Something

Tomorrow is ‘long run’ day.  18-19 miles of running long.  After this run, I WILL START MY TAPER until the MARATHON!  WHAT???  My run next week is 14-15 miles.  I guess that’s a taper, right?  Man, oh man.  I’m doing this thing!

Doggone Where has the Time GoneI’m only a little nervous about my run tomorrow.  I feel much better than I did last week for my 16-17 mile run.  I can either do it or I can’t.  Right now, I’m more concerned about remembering all of the little prep work that I need to do for my run.  All you do is ‘lace up and get out there’ huh?  I wish.  It takes me nearly 30 minutes to get out of the door if everything is going as planned.  Some mornings it takes me 45 minutes or an hour.  Some mornings I struggle to get it together.

Last week, I tried really, really hard to remember everything but missed some stuff, anyway.  I had some rubbing and chafing in a couple of areas where I had some history of discomfort.  I forgot to ‘prep’ those areas.  Ugh.  I’ll be paying for that mistake for a long time in the way of some unattractive scarring.  Yay.

Here’s my list:

  1. charge watch and ear buds
  2. freeze 1 Gatorade/1 water for hydration belt, 1 bottle will have unfrozen Gatorade
  3. put fuel chews, debit card and ID in hydration belt pocket
  4. lay out clothes, shoes, visor
  5. force myself to go to bed on time (harder than it should be)
  6. check sunrise time and set alarm accordingly
  7. rub Body Glide and deodorant on all problem areas (I won’t traumatize you by listing them.)
  8. eat something (I only eat before long runs so it’s not a habit and I need a reminder.)
  9. loosen hair (shrinkage after my hair gets wet makes it tight and that gives me a headache)
  10. take an Aleve for later… (don’t judge me)
  11. decide on some ‘after run’ food so I don’t just eat whatever I see first (remember:  don’t judge me!)

So basically, this is how I’ll look in the morning 🙂

Running Gear Addict

I have made peace with the fact that I cannot run the entire 26.2 miles.  No need to list the reasons, just take my word for it.  I’ve decided that I CAN run a 5:1 again (like I did Houston with the pace group).  That 1 minute seemed to be very helpful for my energy and pain level toward the end of my run last week.  I’ve found an app that beeps at the intervals so I know when to run and when to walk.  I used it for my long run last week and thought it worked well.

Last week, I made the decision to get my diet back on track.  I don’t mean so much ‘diet’ like to lose weight, I mean diet as in what I eat.  I’ve been pretty much enjoying all of the delicious things that I’ve wanted for the last few months and I KNOW my running is suffering. So, to help, I bought a kick in the rear end called DietToGo.  I picked 3 meals a day for 7 days and they mailed me individual meals packed in dry ice in a big Styrofoam container.  I got it yesterday and started the meals today.  It is real food that ‘s been flash frozen for shipment.    yuck

For breakfast, I had egg quesadilla, potato cake and a citrus bowl.  Lunch was tomato basil soup, corn/spinach cup (which was excellent) and a probiotic yogurt drink.  I am lactose intolerant and HATE the taste of yogurt,so I didn’t drink it.

I ate 4 crackers instead.  🙂 Dinner is spinach and parm/spinach stuffed chicken breast and Italian mixed veggies with almonds.  The food has been good so far.  I will have to supplement with snacks – fresh fruit, veggies to get my calories up to where they need to be for my body/activity level.


Could I cook my own meals?  Yes.  Would it be cheaper?  Yes.  Have I been cooking my own healthy meals?  No.  Therein lies the problem.

My plan is to get the meals until my race and make a call afterward about continuing.

That’s all I’ve got.  Wish me luck on my long run in the morning.

Until next time!


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I’m Done

Check Mark - Pink

I had a game plan.  I woke up early and got dressed.  All of my gear was ready to go.  I ate a piece of bread with peanut butter, drank a little water, took some Aleve and then took some headache medicine.  That wasn’t such a good idea, but it worked out fine.  I had a headache and it went away.  I even had a minute or two to wait for it to be daylight before I headed out for my 16-17 mile run.

It is HOT and HUMID today.  I forgot to check the temperature when I started, but by the time I finished, it was 85 degrees with 64% humidity.  I finished 16.33 miles feeling hot, dripping in sweat, tired and so, so very glad to be home.  It wasn’t pretty but I did it in a pace that I could finish the marathon in time – so I am happy.


Now, I’m going to have an ice bath and that is all I will accomplish today.

Until next time!


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How Do You Know?

I’m still on the road to Chicago. I’ve got six weeks to get there and I’m feeling a little nervous.

Today was speed training day, which I really don’t enjoy but I realize it’s value.

Here’s what I did today on the treadmill:
Warm up – 1.75 miles
Run 25 minutes at 1 min/mile faster than my marathon pace
Run 10 minutes at 2 minutes/mile faster than my marathon pace
Run 25 minutes at 1 minute/mile faster than my marathon pace
Run 10 minutes at 2 min/mile faster than my marathon pace
Cool down 1.5 miles (I only ran .80 miles of cool down. I was exhausted.)

Training runs are all pretty long at this point, so I’ve always got lots of time to think. I think about lots of things: my husband, my kids, my CASA kid, volunteer jobs, and many other random things that I encounter during my runs.

There is one other constant idea that occupies my thinking time: effort.

When I’m having a tough time, I think to myself “okay, just run to x miles and call it a day”. Then when I get to x miles, if I’m feeling good, I run to some other milestone and that gets me through some runs. On other runs, I have flat put given up, feeling like I just couldn’t go any further.

This situation is what makes me the most uneasy, uncertain, unsure. Did I give up because my head thought it was time or did I give up because I physically couldn’t do more? Sometimes, when I stop, I feel like I really could have gone a little further. Other times, it’s obvious I’d gotten to the end of my rope.

But, how do you know this BEFORE you quit? How do you balance gutting it out with overuse injury? Injury is real and terrible and a real danger.

How do you know when you’ve given it your all? How much is 100%? (Public service notice: you CANNOT give 110%. You don’t have it to give. Stop saying it.).


Do you ‘get to the end’ no matter what? Do you have some kind of cue to listen to or feel?

I always want to feel I’ve left it all on the run or in the gym, but sometimes, I’m not sure what exactly that is.

How do YOU know when you’ve given it your all?

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There’s Always Next Week, I Guess

So, I had a terrible run last Friday.  I guess it was good in that I tried and I eventually got to the end.  Does it really matter that I had to walk nearly 20% of the distance at the end, anyway?  Yes.  Yes, it does.  confused

My mind and body both conspired to call it quits.  I just did not have it in me to keep running so I stopped and did what felt like the ‘walk of shame’ back to my house.  Want to know what was weird about it?  I didn’t feel bad.  Sometimes, when I’ve stopped or quit or whatever, I start thinking that I should have kept going.  I’ve felt like I really wasn’t that tired or exhausted after all.  I didn’t have that feeling last Friday.  I stopped and had this feeling of sheer relief.  I was exhausted, probably a little dehydrated and just all around worn out. 

What happened?  I have a few thoughts:

1.  I was not properly hydrated.   No excuses.  I need to do better in general and I also need to whip out the water belt.  It’s hot and humid here.  It didn’t even occur to me to bring water. 

2.  I did not have enough energy/fuel.  I have NOT been doing a good job of selecting the right foods lately and it is sadly showing up in my running performance.  No excuses here, either. 

3.  I let my wardrobe distract me.  I wore my compression capris.  Why?  I thought they would be helpful.  What I did not think about is the fact that these pants are for a 15-pound lighter version of me.  They were so tight around my mid section that my stomach hurt a little bit.  They also rubbed a little bit at the top of my right thigh.  I let that get to me early on and spent too much energy worrying about whether or not I’d chafe from the rubbing. 

What can I do differently for this week’s long run?  See above.  🙂  Do the opposite.

Until next time! 🙂

Keep Running



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Taking it Day By Day

Lately, I’ve begun to remember what training is really like. It it tiresome. It hurts. It’s stressful. It’s uncertain.

It’s tiresome: I run 4 days a week and do miscellaneous cross training on 2 days. I praise God for that last day: rest day.  I could do some ‘active recovery’ on my rest day, but I do not. I revel in the rest. I NEED the rest. Tired Retired

It hurts: Hold on a minute. I’m not saying I’m running and exercising through pain that should sideline me. I’m referring to the creaky knees, stiff legs, weary warms and tired back that come from the speed training, tempo run, ‘easy’ runs (that is a joke – none of them are easy for me) and that much anticipated long run on Friday. At any given time, at least one of my body parts hurts.

Lady in PainIt’s stressful: I worry that I’m not doing all that I can do to prepare myself. I worry that I pushed myself too hard during that speed training or tempo run. I worry that I’ll wake up one morning and decide not to run and later regret it. I stress out about my clumsiness rearing its ugly head and causing me to fall (again). On another random and strange note, I always have this fear that I am going to fall and break out all of my front teeth. The gummy grin is only cute on babies!KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s uncertain: I can do every single training run, cross train like a maniac and eat/drink right and I really don’t know for sure how the marathon will be for me. I could fall and hurt myself. It could rain the day of the marathon. I could just ‘not have it’ on the day of the marathon. Who knows?

BUT WITH ALL THAT SAID…. I’m still training. I’m still showing up on the start line and I AM GOING TO GET THAT MEDAL.

  2014 medal

To me, that’s the wonder of an athlete.  (Did I just refer to myself as an athlete??)  We have faith in our training, faith in our will, faith that God will see us through it.  I have no idea whether I will run this race and feel fabulous afterward or if I will have to crawl across the finish line. 

click here to view video  ps:  I am not making fun of these runners.


What I do know is that today I’m going to do what I can to make it my best marathon possible.

All I can do is what I can do. Know what I mean?

Keep it moving. Until next time!

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When I get the ‘Runner’s World quote of the Day’, I usually just read it and quickly delete it.

I just got one that really says it all for me:

There is something magical about running; after a certain distance, it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the soul.

Kristin Armstrong


Until next time!

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Streak Completed

I got a little ‘creative’ but I completed my June Streak.  Go me…

On another note, this humidity is KILLING ME.  Seriously.  I’ve had enough of it.  Fortunately, Mother Nature is giving us a break this week.  The temperature is dropping starting TOMORROW!  I am going to run AND mow the grass.  I may even cut a few tree branches to celebrate.  (My backyard trees are out of control and my neighbor’s trees are out of control.  They’ve grown at least 10 feet into my yard and are ‘shading’ out some small trees in my flower bed.)

Anyway.  This isn’t ‘DoYardWorkDedeaux.com’ so I won’t keep rambling about yard work.

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on what I CAN do an not so much on what I can’t do YET.  It’s a little disheartening sometimes, but I’m plodding on.  My long run this week is 5-6 miles.  My plan is to get 5 done fur sure and keep going until I can’t keep going.  We’ll see how it goes.

Well, that’s it.  June streak done.  Hello July!

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June Streak

I’m on a streak.  It’s June 16 and I have not ‘not done’ a workout/run this month.  I was also planning to not drinking alcohol in June but that didn’t work out.  My friend got a Margaritaville machine and, well…  Don’t judge me.Margaritaville MachineMargaritaville Machine

I went out of town to Houston, home of heat and humidity and ran on the hotel treadmill after traveling all day.  While I was there, I also got up and ran on the treadmill after breaking my ‘no alcohol’ pledge.  I called it penance.  It was a struggle, but I got it done.  Maybe I even learned a lesson, who knows.

The weather was an absolute dream here in the St. Louis area until a day or so ago.  It was cool and lower humidity in the mornings, which made my runs so much more pleasant.  It made getting into the streak much easier.  This morning, I got up, got dressed, procrastinated a little bit and headed out the front door for my speed run.  The humidity was so thick I could have cut it with a knive.  I mean, it was oppressive.  The temperature was only around 72 degrees, but with the humidity if felt like 90.  But remember?  I’m on a streak so I had to suck it up and get it done.

Of course I headed out too fast.  I have no concept of pace when I’m running alone.  I ran about a mile too fast and then the danged humidity started to smother me.  I felt like I was gaining weight by the step.  I did my best to keep at the pace that my program said I was supposed to run.  Overall, I did.  I ran out too fast and came back in too slow so it averaged out.  Running in Humidity


Tomorrow’s weather is promising to be much like today’s.  Well, at least it won’t be raining!

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One Week Down

Well, a week has passed since I was ‘released’ from physical therapy.  I am officially training for the 2014 Chicago Marathon.  I feel like I’m starting at square one, but that’s okay.  I’ve got 16 weeks…  That’s plenty of time, right?  I’m a little nervous, but that’s okay, too.  I had a time goal for Chicago that I may or may not be able to meet.  That’s okay, too…

I’m just glad to be on the road.  I’ve got the tools to get me where I need to go.

pink tools


I just need to use them.

That is all.

Until next time.


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