I Keep On Falling…

It’s long run day. I remembered my plethora of items and to-dos. I even wrote a cheat sheet for my route. The weather was PERFECT for a run.

I lost my cheat sheet on the run. Looked down and my little pouch was unzipped – no cheat sheet. Alrighty then.

The run went okay until I wet down a street that was closed.
Had to double back and go a different route.

Then later, I fell. Yep. Hit the ground. I was stunned and a little confused about how it even happened.





A guy at a construction site came running across the street to check on me. He said “I saw you running and I turned around. When I turned back, you were on the ground.” Thats pretty much how it happened.

I think I’m fine. My knee is a little sore where it’s scraped and my hip (which I fell on) hurts a teeny bit.

But who cares right now? I FINISHED MY 20 MILE RUN!!!

Soon, I will rest.

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