I’m Done

Check Mark - Pink

I had a game plan.  I woke up early and got dressed.  All of my gear was ready to go.  I ate a piece of bread with peanut butter, drank a little water, took some Aleve and then took some headache medicine.  That wasn’t such a good idea, but it worked out fine.  I had a headache and it went away.  I even had a minute or two to wait for it to be daylight before I headed out for my 16-17 mile run.

It is HOT and HUMID today.  I forgot to check the temperature when I started, but by the time I finished, it was 85 degrees with 64% humidity.  I finished 16.33 miles feeling hot, dripping in sweat, tired and so, so very glad to be home.  It wasn’t pretty but I did it in a pace that I could finish the marathon in time – so I am happy.


Now, I’m going to have an ice bath and that is all I will accomplish today.

Until next time!


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2 Responses to I’m Done

  1. theexsaffa says:

    Well done that’s a great effort

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