Knock-Kneed, Waddling, Wide Hipped

Today’s run was a little better than Monday’s.  On Monday, I was worn out, in pain, mentally deflated and just out of it so I guess it really couldn’t get worse, right?  Maybe it could, but I pray I don’t find out how it could be worse… 

I said I was gonna run 4 miles today and I did.  Yay me.  When I started off, my knee hurt a moderate amount.  What’s a moderate amount, you ask?  It hurt but not enough to make me wince and there weren’t any shooting pains.  The pain was just there; constant.  It almost felt like I was dragging this foreign leg along with me for the run.  If I could have just shaken the leg off, I would have felt much better.  But whatever.  I ran.  I kept my breathing under control for the most part.  I reversed my 4 mile route and man!  It seemed like I ran uphill the entire way.  I know logically that’s not possible, but that’s how it felt.  On the biggest uphill, I had an audience of about 15 high school kids waiting for the bus.  woo hoo…  It DID make me perk up a little bit, though.  I know I shouldn’t have been concerned but I was.

Speaking of things I shouldn’t have been concerned about…  Yesterday I was reading running blogs and came across one and the post was titled “Knock Kneed, Wide Hipped Waddling…”  or something like that.  Wow.  The writer was complaining that in every race he enters some middle aged looking lady with wide hips, knock knees and poor form passes him.  He was irritated that someone who didn’t fit the runners mold (is there such a thing?) was passing him, making better time than him, gonna finish before him.  How dare she.  So, there were all these comments to his post about people experiencing the same thing.  One lady even said her goal in life was to not have any fat runners pass her.  Really?

I don’t consider myself a fat, waddling runner, but I am obviously middle-aged and I have wide hips.  Let’s consider what might be going on:  Perhaps I’ve trained longer than you.  Maybe I’m in better physical condition than you.  Hold on to your seat, but MAYBE I’m just a better runner than you.  You suck and I don’t.  Just maybe.  (I’m speaking for all of the fat, wide hipped, middle-aged waddlers.)

Listen, people.  We don’t know what’s going on with anyone’s training and fitness but our own.  That’s what we need to be concerned about.  I am guilty of looking over at someone and wishing I could do what they do, maybe even feeling a little envious of them, but it really is kind of ridiculous. 

If you run or walk or whatever, the next time you are left in the dust by some unlikely body, just wish them well.  If I pass you by, I’m gonna just think to myself “Sucka!!“. 😉

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