Redefining a ‘Good’ Run

The instruction:  Walk a few minutes, run a minute.  Increase the running to walking ratio a little bit every day until you are running the entire route.  Yesterday I ran 4 miles – straight, without stopping. 

Last week I ran 3 miles three times without stopping and felt pretty good afterward.  Not so this week. I don’t know why, but I felt immediately fatigued and tired when I started the run.  Every step was an effort.  I felt like I’d gained 25 pounds overnight (Is that possible?…).  My head wasn’t into it and my body was surely not into it.  But I kept going.  I’d mapped out a route and I was GOING TO finish this run.  So, I guess High Five!  I did what I said I was gonna do.  It was slow and labored but I finished and that makes it a good run.

It was a good run because I did it but my knees – both of them – hurt now.  I think my ‘good’ knee is just reacting to the extra activity.  My surgery knee pops every time I stand up and when I start walking.  Pop, pop, pop.  It hurts every time it pops.  Ugh.  Walking up and down the stairs hurts.  The ‘bad’ knee hurt while I was walking the dog and we only walked about a mile and a half.

What is going on?  Did I really run too much too quickly?  Is it  the leg exercises?  I was bad over the weekend and didn’t do them.  Could that have made such a huge difference?  I don’t really think so but I’m making sure I do them this week!  I had every intention of following that rule.  😉

No junk food challenge udate:  So far so good.  Today is just day 4.  I had sugar free jello last night.  Is that junk food?  I don’t really think so but I felt like I was cheating while I was eating it.  I NEED to include cereal on the Junk Food list.  I have had WAY too much lately.  The box is just about empty and I don’t plan to replace it so that should be the end of that!

Well, I feel kind of crappy today.  What’s the plan for the run tomorrow??  I am running 4 miles.

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