Working Out

Physical therapy went okay today.  I am discovering just how weak my quad muscle over ‘the’ knee has become.  That is very weird to me, though.  It’s as if I NEVER exercised that side of my body.  How could I lose strength that quickly?  Oh, well..


I can see progress from my first PT visit.  Movements hurt less, I can bend more and it generally does not hurt afterward – which I’m told, is a good thing.  I have a bit of pain going up stairs and my right leg isn’t as strong.  It trembles just a little bit on the up motion when going up stairs.  Coming down hurts just a tad as well.  Things are looking up.


My plan is to start walking and using the elliptical machine for a few minutes each day.  That makes me kind of happy.


Honestly, I don’t know if I can actually run a marathon, but I CAN finish one..  😉


Til next time!

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