Biking, Eliptical and Walking, Oh My!

Okay, I am officially going to stop being a lazy butt.  It is SOOOOO easy for me to do NOTHING  because I can’t do what I want.   Enough is enough – I hope…  I’ve had the ‘green light’ to hop on the eliptical, walk and do water exercises for two weeks now but how many days have I actually been?  Sadly, I can count them on half a hand.  I have become a stranger to half of the clothes in my closet.


So, I got up this morning and went to the gym.  It went okay.  I got tired quicker than I thought I would.  I sweat more than I thought I might doing what I did.  I was more tired when I was finished than I figured I’d be, too.  My knee hurt a little bit but it stopped pretty quickly.  From what I understand, that is a good thing.


What did I do at the gym??

  1. 15 minutes on bicycle with no tension – I’m not supposed to add any tension, yet
  2. 17 minutes on the eliptical – I was only supposed to do 8 or 9 but I couldn’t help myself
  3. 12 minutes walking on the treadmill (I stopped when my husband was finished with his run)  I walked the last couple of minutes backward to work on my quads


What random things did I think about while at the gym?  Hmmm…  My husband and I were the only ones there when we got there so that was kind of boring.  A couple of people came in.  Now, don’t get all in a bunch about this, because I’ve been this person before…  Two kind of large ladies came in and I thought “I bet they’re coming now so they can work out without people seeing them.”.  I felt kind of sad for them UNTIL one lady got on the treadmill walking FAST at what looked like a 20 percent incline.  Is that possible?  I don’t now.  I never have more than about 3 percent.  Anyway…


So one plumpish lady was on the treadmill walking WAY uphill and the other one was on the eliptical moving pretty fast and was on it longer than I was.  So I didn’t feel bad for what they could do at the gym, but I did still decide in my mind that they were there so no one would see them working out.  Maybe I’m wrong.  And don’t get all mad.  It’s just what I thought.  I’m glad they were there.  They were probably there this last month while I was at home being lazy.


And, it never fails.  Some lady who looked like she weighed about 85 pounds came in moving like a maniac on the eliptical.  Ugh…  If I could have tripped her, I would have.  Not really.  No, really.  Okay, just kidding.  But I did roll my eyes at her a few times just for good measure.  I wonder if anyone has ever had that though about me.  I can dream…


So, I’m in a pretty good mood about things.  I have some backup plans for marathons after my original goal of the Dallas White Rock on December 4.  It is not looking that good for me to be ready for that one. I’m still looking at The Louisiana Marathon on January 15: and the Allen New Year’s Double Marathon.  Both have some positives and drawbacks.  The Louisiana Marathon is in Baton Rouge and the Allen New Year’s Double Marathon runs in circles.  Really.  The full marathon runs the same route four times.  I don’t know if I can get my mind around that.  When I head back on a route, I need to be going home. 


We’ll see.  But, guess what?  I am still going to run a full marathon. 


So like my new favorite hip hop artist says:  “Keep my eyes on da prize, see my haters tell ’em HI!”  (I don’t know who my haters are but I like this line anyway!!)

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