I am THAT lady, now

Never say never.  I used to look at people running with bottles of water strapped on their butts and think “I would never run with all of that stuff on”.  I never wanted to be ‘that lady’.  Yeah.  Never say never. 

Look at what I got:










I ran 13 miles wearing it this morning.  I was worried that I’d feel the water sloshing around or that it would be in the way somehow.  Neither of those things happened.  It felt fine and I really wasn’t bothered by it at all.

Here’s the problems I had with it:

1.  I had to use both hands to put the bottle back in so I did have to slow down a little after taking a drink.

2.  Nothing to do with the belt/bottles:  I couldn’t ever decide when to actually take a drink.  I guess I need to decide before hand when to hydrate. 

So…  Two Fridays in a row of 13 milers.  I felt much better today than last week.  I kept a pretty good pace throughout.  I ran in two big circles – which I do not like.  I decided to stay in the park on softer surfaces because my knee started hurting early on.  I figured I’d give it a break! 

The second time around the loop I was a little annoyed.  I don’t like running around in circles…

I got home feeling proud of myself and that is a great feeling!

Until next time!

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2 Responses to I am THAT lady, now

  1. Nina says:

    Great job! I have a camel bak and I often feel stupid running around with it, but for long runs, they are great and needed!

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