Feeling Hot, Hot, H..



WHYYYYYYYYYYYY didn’t I get out of the bed when the alarm FIRST went off? 

This morning, I hit snooze three times.  What was I thinking?  When I finally got out of the bed, the sun was fully up and it was 80 degrees.  I was still (kinda) determined to get this run in and over with – even in the heat. 

I forgot ALL of my running clothes in the washing machine last night.  So, yep…  They are wet.  I threw a bra in the dryer and put on some less than favorite running shorts and a top.  I am getting this freaking run in if it kills me.

When I walked outside, it didn’t feel as hot as I thought it might, but there was no breeze and the sun was shining nice and bright.  Not a cloud in the sky.

I was cruising right along for the first few miles even though it was a pretty hilly route.  I stopped and walked a few seconds a couple of times – okay a few times!  Image


By the time I got to 4-1/2 miles, the heat was really bothering me.  I couldn’t get a rhythm going and every step was a task.  I took a few more walk breaks and finally ran the last 3/4 miles until I hit 6 miles.

Today, I didn’t have any knee pain to speak of.  Yay!  I didn’t really even think about it until I was halfway done.  It was just hot.

So, tomorrow is REST DAY!  I need it. 


But first, I’m getting into my hot tub with Epsom salt.  I’ve eaten a banana, taken my vitamin and had a big glass of cold water.  My work is done.

Until next time, y’all!


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