How Much Pain is Too Much?



This week I was determined to do ALL of my workouts – cross training and runs. 

Sunday, my husband and I went out and did the drills and pace run.  Image

Monday, I dragged myself out to the garage, got on my bike and rode.  Image

Tuesday, I drove to the gym, ran 5 miles on the treadmill.  Ugh, but Image

Wednesday, Jeffrey (husband) and I drove to the track.  Ran .75 miles to warm up. 

My knee started hurting at around .25 miles.  By .75, it was hurting with every step.  I started the drills (high knees, toe walking, heel walking, butt kicks, etc) to see if I could do them without pain.  Nope.  Toe/heel walking didn’t hurt but everything else did. ImageI ran the 3x 100m strides and felt okay until the third one. 

My pace run today was 12 sets of hard running for a minute and jogging/walking for a minute.

I did one.  Image

Started the second set.  Ran about 20 steps and had to stop.  At first it felt like my knee was hurting behind my knee, but I decided later that it really hurt around where my femur and tibia connect. 


Yay me…

In full disclosure, I was hurting for the last mile(ish) on the treadmill yesterday.  It didn’t hurt as much as it hurts today, but it was a nagging pain.  It also did not hurt again for the rest of the day.  (Yeah, I know.  I didn’t run for the rest of the day, either.)

So now as I sit here, I am wondering if maybe the pain today was minor enough to just run on it anyway.  How much is too much pain?  Should I stop when it changes my gait?  Should I stop when it makes me wince?  Should I just keep going until I physically can’t go anymore?  (Okay.  I know the answer to that one is no.)

But seriously.  How do you know when the pain you feel when running is too much to run through?  Did I do this to myself by continuing to run yesterday?


Tomorrow is a cross training day.  Friday is my long run day.

I’ll ice today and tomorrow and see how it goes.


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