Cross Training is Killing Me

Sorry.  I run because I want to RUN not bike, use the elliptical or stair machine or water walk or any of that other stuff.


My Run Coach marathon training plan calls for days and days of cross training and two days of running for the next few weeks and it is kind of driving me crazy.  I feel bored and I am SO paranoid that I’m gonna lose all of the progress that I made BEFORE I started this program.  Is that rational?  I don’t know, but it’s how I feel.

I rode my bike a couple of times last week and while it was challenging and mildly exciting to do something new, I felt like I wasn’t really working out because I didn’t run.

I was out of town this past Friday and Saturday and I was REALLY tired and had a headache on Sunday, so I didn’t do a-ny-thing.  Nothing.  Just sat around.

Monday rolled around and I woke up with a headache then time just got away from me so I still didn’t do anything.  No bueno.

This morning, I got up and had a brilliant idea!

Since ‘all’ I have to do is a bunch of cross training and a very short easy run, why not do them all in one day and catch up with my training?  Genius, right??  It’s raining cats and dogs here today, so I went to the gym.  This is what I did:  30 minutes of running on the treadmill, 30 minutes of the elliptical machine and 30 minutes of walking uphill on the treadmill.  And today is when I decided I really don’t like cross training.  Theoretically, I know the value of it.  In practice, I was on the stupid elliptical thinking about how much it sucked.  When I walked on the treadmill, I wanted to start running but I knew I shouldn’t.  (Yes…  all this from the woman who’s doing 3 days of workouts in one morning.)  It seemed like drudgery and I was glad when those 90 minutes were over.  The jury’s still out on how smart of an idea this was.  If I wake up tomorrow feeling good, I’m a genius.  If not, well…

Anyway.  Tomorrow, I am going to yoga.  I like that a little better.  I think I have weird bones, though.  That ‘child’ pose KILLS my knees.

My knees have a hump on the top right where my knee rests on the floor for the child pose.  I try to lean over to one side but it doesn’t really help and then everything after that pose feels sort of uncomfortable.  I’m taking a little kneeling pad with me tomorrow.  Hopefully, the pad on top of the yoga mat will help.

Perhaps I have not found the activity that I enjoy.  Maybe I should give that Zumba teacher another chance.  Her music was TERRIBLE last year (I’ve never heard of country-leaning Zumba) but maybe she has some new stuff and maybe she is on beat now.  She was 1/2 a beat off the last few times I went and it was all just too distracting.  I feel like you can have one ding but not two.

Who knows?  Maybe I will grow to love riding my bike or going to yoga, but for now…

Cross training is killing me.

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