“Running is A Jealous Mistress”

A friend sent me the quote about running being a jealous mistress a year or so ago.  Well, jealousy reared its ugly head today!  I ran 4 miles and afterward felt like I’d run a hundred.

The weather here is nice.  It was about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, a slight breeze, sunny, clear and the sky was as clear as a bell.  I didn’t map out a run so I just walked up to the street and started running.  I am officially training for my SECOND full marathon and the schedule says run 4 miles.  Mile 1 was like mile 1 frequently is for me:  I get out of breath and decide I’m not going to be able to make it.  This ALWAYS happens.  I play this little game with myself at the beginning of every run.

Me:  I’m tired.  I can’t control my breathing.  My knee hurts.  It’s so hot.  These car fumes are the worst.

Self:  This always happens, just keep running.  It’ll get better.

Me:  Uh….  I’m still tired.

Self:  UUHH…  It’s only been a minute.  Keep running.  You’ll run through it.  Stop being lazy.  You can run 4 miles!

After 10-15 mintues:

Me:  I guess I feel better.

Self:  Duh.  This happens every time.  

Yes – I probably need therapy but that’s for another blog. 

After a couple of miles of trudging along slowly, I worked through it in my head that I was going to finish the 4 miles.  And let me tell you – AT 4 miles, I came to an IMMEDIATE stop.  My breathing was fine but I felt so beat down and tired.  It seemed like the temperature had risen 20 degrees from when I started.  Positive note:  neither of my knees hurt.  Nothing hurt.  I was just tired.  Really tired.

Not sure what running is jealous of – cause I hadn’t been doing ANYTHING before last week.  Nothing to be jealous of.  Maybe today was just a reminder of why I should never take 8 weeks off – ever again.

Tomorrow’s run:  2 miles


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