Bribery At the Edge of a Precipice

Confession:  I have been TOTALLY unmotivated to run.  I don’t know why.  I see runners and I wish I were them.  I think fondly of running and how it makes me feel.  I know I SHOULD run.  The reality is, however, that I am struggling to make my self get up and run.  I could make excuses but none of them are worth the time it would take to make them. 

I feel like I’m at the edge of a precipice.  I’m at a crossroads.  I’m at a fork in the road.  Whatever the metaphor, this situation is not good.  I gotta s*#t or get off the pot.  I have got to make a decision.  The longer it takes to get back in to the swing of things, the harder I’m making it for myself. 

I want to run a marathon on October 21 and at this rate, I will NOT be in condition to do it. 

Do I really want to keep running?  I’m pretty sure I do.  Maybe the question is:  Am I willing to do what it takes?  So far, the answer is ‘no’.  I don’t know why.  I wish I did.

I can’t think of anything to do but bribe myself.  Is it bribery when it’s all internal?  Who knows, but here goes:  If I do all of my runs for the rest of this week and next, I’ll buy myself a new pair of shoes.  That’s just five runs.  I can do that…

Maybe I’ll call it an incentive.  My problem is that I can’t seem to get started and keep going for longer than a run or two.  This should help.  I’ve been intending to pick up a new pair of casual, every day shoes but now…  I am going to ‘earn’ them.  Has it really come to this?

Why, yes.  Yes, it has.



Maybe I’ll get these:



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4 Responses to Bribery At the Edge of a Precipice

  1. kimberly says:

    you are funny………..
    However, I can totally see how “you’re just not that into it” now. I mean you did just UP and move.
    However, keep in mind that some of us live our “running dreams” through you!!!!
    Ok, what do you need from your “I supportMary Running” Team to get you going?

  2. Alicia says:

    Hey Lady… I completely understand… I feel the same way. I have taken laziness to a whole new level . But yesterday, I actually went to the gym and ran on the darn hamster wheel… bka “The Mill”! I did feel a lot better. Oh, I also signed up for a 5 mile race next weekend, which also inspired my lazy butt to start back running. I’m turning 41 next week and I want to feel and look better too.
    So I’m grabbing my pom poms and doing a cheer for you. Gooooooo Mary! I didn’t say it was a great cheer… LOL!!!
    Miss ya dearly,

    • Run Dedeaux Run says:

      It was a great cheer! I appreciated it. I’m glad to hear you are running. I wish I could run with you. ❤

      Sent from my iPad

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