Did You Miss Me?

So… it’s been a while.  Dedeaux hasn’t been doing much running lately.  Okay…  Dedeaux hasn’t done ANY running lately.  Lots of stuff going on – lots of things to use as an excuse.


On my last post, I mentioned moving to a new state.  We’ve moved!  We officially moved from Allen, Texas to St. Louis, Missouri on April 6, 2012.  We are in temporary housing – a two bedroom apartment not far from where our REAL house will be.  We close on our new house on April 20.  I can’t wait. 


The new ‘space’ is nice enough.  It’s small but will do for a few weeks.  We apparently live below Bigfoot, though.  Lots of pounding around on the floors – at. all. times. of. the. day. and. night…  Not pleasant.


But on to RUNNING.  I HAVE decided that I will run the Rock-n-Roll St. Louis Marathon on October 21.  It is going to be HARD.  It is hilly here – really hilly.  I will need six months to be ready for a marathon here!! 


I walked fast for 3 miles this morning with the dog.  I’m glad I was just walking because I think I need to ease my knees back into running.  My left knee hurt a little bit from about 1/2 mile to 1-1/2 miles.  The road we were walking on was hilly and the downhills hurt the most.  The good thing is that I wasn’t even kind of tired.  It was beautiful here this morning – clear sky, cool and a little windy. 


My plan for tomorrow is run/walk.  Not sure how far.  Maybe 4-5 miles.  We’ll see.


I’m not saying I’m ‘back’ to running until I’m actually RUNNING but I’m on the way to being back and that’s a good thing!

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2 Responses to Did You Miss Me?


    LOL! We have the same story. I just moved from Killeen, TX and these hills laugh at me. I have to talk my way up them. I just completed the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon and wow!! I definitely should have trained more. The motto: Go Big or Go Home almost sent me home. Needless to say, I am determined to be more committed to my training program.

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