Change is Good… Change is Good… Change is Good…

Wow!  Lots has happened since my last post.  I don’t know where to begin.

So, let me see…

I’ve decided that I am going to run ANOTHER marathon.  Yep.  I do believe I am hooked.  My goal for my very first marathon was to finish.  I finished.  After thinking about it for a little while, I’ve decided that I want to do it again.  I think I can do better and DEFINITELY have a better time.

Hmmm…  What else?  Oh, yes.  We are moving out of state.  Yep.  Moving.  My husband accepted a promotion within his company and we are moving from the Great state of Texas to St. Louis, Missouri.  Change is good…  Change is good…  Change is good…  I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed right now.  Our house will be for sale in 5 days.  We will go to St. Louis to look at new homes and schools in 7 days.  Whew!   Lots going on.

What hasn’t been going on is ME RUNNING!  I’ve run ONCE since the marathon.  I ‘ran’ 3 miles two weeks after the marathon and my knees hurt a little.  Haven’t been running since.  I will, though.  Every time I see someone running I feel like it should be me…

Well, not much to say.  Lots going on.  Change is good…  Change is good…  Change is good…

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1 Response to Change is Good… Change is Good… Change is Good…

  1. Nina says:

    I am so glad to hear that you are running another marathon! Have you started running again? Its ok not to run right now if you don’t feel like it. Give yourself a break, you deserve it 🙂

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