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Bribery At the Edge of a Precipice

Confession:  I have been TOTALLY unmotivated to run.  I don’t know why.  I see runners and I wish I were them.  I think fondly of running and how it makes me feel.  I know I SHOULD run.  The reality is, … Continue reading

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“Running is A Jealous Mistress”

A friend sent me the quote about running being a jealous mistress a year or so ago.  Well, jealousy reared its ugly head today!  I ran 4 miles and afterward felt like I’d run a hundred. The weather here is … Continue reading

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Did You Miss Me?

So… it’s been a while.  Dedeaux hasn’t been doing much running lately.  Okay…  Dedeaux hasn’t done ANY running lately.  Lots of stuff going on – lots of things to use as an excuse.   On my last post, I mentioned … Continue reading

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