Week 10 and 16 Miles – DONE!

Today, I ran further than I’ve ever run:  16 miles!  Yay me.  It wasn’t particularly pretty and sure wasn’t easy, but I did it. 

When we (husband and friend) started the run, I thought:  “Uh, oh.  We are running too fast and I am tired already.”  Not how you want to start a run, right?  As usual, that sluggishness went away after a few miles.  The route that we took had some hills right in the beginning that zapped my energy a little bit, though.

At about 9-1/2 miles, my knee started singing to me.  The pain wasn’t horrible but was enough that I slowed down quite a bit. From about 10 miles to 14 miles, I ran along okay.  After 14, I started running out of energy and slowed down even more.  I had to walk a couple of extra times – like 10-15 steps each time.  I was SOOOO tired.  My knee was aching.  I really was just getting to the end of my running rope.

At 16 miles, I stopped and walked the 3/4 miles back to my house.  WHEW!

After icing my knee for a while, I went to my bathroom, drew a tub of bath water and fell asleep in the tub…  for like an hour.  The warm water made my knee feel much better, though. 

TMI warning:  I have a line from the bottom of my bra rubbing above my rib cage.  It’s almost like a whelp.  It’s red and puffy.  Couldn’t be in a worse place.  My regular bra rubs it and it feels pretty terrible.  I’ve also got a little blister on my right big toe.  I get one there on occasion.   I don’t know what causes it.  It goes away quickly, so no big deal.

How I feel 10 hours after run:

My knee is alright.  When I sit with it bent for any length of time, it hurts to straighten it.  My hips are a tiny bit sore.  My back is tired and a teeny bit sore.  Overall, I’m just really tired. 

So, week 10 and 16 miles:  done! 

Here’s what my week was like:

  • Mon/Tue/Wed:  5 miles each day on treadmill
  • Thu:  off
  • Fri:  4 ‘take it easy’ miles
  • Sat:  16 miles
  • Sun:  off –  YAY FOR BEING OFF!

Total Miles:  35

Next week:

  • Monday:  5 ‘take it easy miles’
  • Tuesday:  8 miles on treadmill at marathon pace
  • Wednesday:  4 miles on treadmill doing intervals
  • Thursday:  off
  • Friday:  4 ‘take it easy’ miles
  • Saturday:  17 miles…

Total miles:  38 – WISH ME LUCK!

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4 Responses to Week 10 and 16 Miles – DONE!

  1. Jeff says:

    Great run Mary, I couldn’t keep up with you. The pupil has become the teacher. I’m very proud of you!

  2. Run Dedeaux Run says:

    Thanks Jeffrey 🙂 We both know I’m not the ‘teacher’, though.

  3. Tamara says:

    Great post,

    I have that knee pain too but I have found a couple of things that help this first is that little knee strap thing that goes under your knee. They say it’s for runner’s knee which I don’t have but it helps with the chronic IT band problem that I do have. The second thing that helps is that torture device of a foam roller, after stretching my hamstrings, quads, & calves, I put the foam roller under my hip and roll over it until I get to my knee. They say if it hurts you’re doing it right, so I must really be doing it right. Look into body glide for your chaffing. My sister sent me some for my lower back where my tights rub it seems to be helping.

    Keep writing, I’ll check back.


    • Run Dedeaux Run says:


      I’m gonna check out the little knee band. I’ve wondered what they were for. I have a foam roller and I guess I need to use it more often!! You are right, it is PAINFUL. I heard about a hand held roller/massager called The Stick. I’ve seen them online but I want to actually touch and feel one in person. They are supposed to be really helpful, too.

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