A New Week, Some More Running and Rambling ;-)

Monday rolled around like clockwork.  It always does, doesn’t it?  I got dressed in my running outfit (and a real frumpy one at that) and took my daughter to school as usual, with the intent of running when I got back home.  Well, of course, plans changed.  I volunteered to purchase gifts for two people (one teen mom and a baby) from an angel tree at Transition Resource Action Center.  I volunteered to do this two months ago and they were due at a meeting on Saturday that I did not attend because I was just too tired and broke down after running.  I got an email just as I got home letting me know that I could drop off the gifts this morning.  O.K…  First:  I forgot that I never actually BOUGHT the gifts, yet.  Second:  It would take me 30 minutes to get to the drop off location. 


So, my new plan:  go to Target and buy baby clothes and get a gift card for the mom (that’s what she wanted).  How many of y’all know that Target is a dangerous place?  I was doing great until I saw some hoodies on sale.  Do I need a hoodie?  No.  But they were 25% off!  Tried on a couple of sizes; wasn’t satisfied with the sleeve length.  I have long, monkey arms – sleeves are always too short for me.  Then, on to the iPad cases in the electronics department.  After that, I wonder if there’s some Christmas decorations I could use?  WAIT!!!  There’s Debbie.  Need to go over and say Hi!…  What the what???  It’s already 10:45???  I need to meet at the drop location in 45 minutes and I haven’t even picked up one single angel tree gift.  Yes, Target is a dangerous place.  Perhaps there is a chance that it’s not Target but me who has the problem… Nah. 


I hurried and picked out some stuff that I would want if I had an 8 month old baby, grabbed a couple of gift cards, checked out and hurried out to the car to wrap them.  Drove on down into Dallas, dropped off the gifts and headed back home.  So, that run that I was gonna do 4 hours ago still hasn’t been run…  But I HAVE had a bowl of fiber cereal and two cups of coffee.  Great stuff to have in your stomach to start running! 


I did it, though.  Five ‘take it easy’ miles. 


While running, I intentionally started thinking of all of the things that I have to be thankful for.  I lead a great life.  I have the freedom to run when I want to run without having to schedule around a job.  (Everybody say “Amen”!)  Training for this race is a time consuming task!  I have a healthy family.  My son just finished his first semester at Morehouse College and I couldn’t be prouder of him.  My daughter is a great student and is also starting her club volleyball season…  (Okay, so I’m not THAT thankful for everything about club volleyball.  sorry)  My husband works hard and provides the financial means for all of this stuff.  We have a happy marriage and he even runs with me. 

So, I may bitch and moan about stuff, but in the end, I do realize how blessed and fortunate I am. 🙂  That’s what I was thinking about while running today. 

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1 Response to A New Week, Some More Running and Rambling ;-)

  1. Alicia says:

    Love the blog… And you’re truly blessed. And you’re a blessing too. So glad to be going through this adventure (don’t know why though) with you!!!
    Sisterly Love,

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