p.s. Nothing’s Messed Up (as far as we know)

The visit to the doctor yesterday was, in my estimation, a waste of time and money.  The P.A. and doctor both felt my knee, listened to the ‘crunching’ sound and ordered an xray.  There was nothing out of the ordinary to look at on the x-ray, so I’m supposed to take it easy and if my knee doesn’t stop hurting in a couple of weeks, go back to the doctor.  Oh, and take an anti-inflamatory medicine like Aleve or Advil.


Hmmm…  So, I don’t know anything about my knee that I didn’t already know BEFORE going to the doctor.  I knew my leg wasn’t broken.  I knew my knee was a little swollen.  I could hear the crunching noise.  I knew I could take some medicine and make it hurt less.


So, I’m sticking to my training schedule and I’ll attempt 16 miles this weekend.


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