Don’t Stop Me NOW!!

Here’s a recap of how I got where I am now:

Five days ago, I fell on my right knee and hit it pretty hard.  I have a brand new sore to show for it, too.  I also busted my lip but that healed and the swelling went down after less than a day.  My right knee is the one that I had surgery on during the summer, so I was REALLY scared after I fell.  I had visions of it being broken and also feared that it would derail my marathon dreams. 

  1. THURSDAY:  ran, then came home and fell, iced and rested for the remainder of the day
  2. FRIDAY:  rest and ice
  3. SATURDAY:  tried to run 5, couldn’t stopped at 3-1/2
  4. SUNDAY:  raining and cold, ran on treadmill, had to stop after 2-1/2 (getting worse)
  5. MONDAY:  ran on treadmill – 5 miles! (knee hurt a little but I ran through it)
  6. TUESDAY:  5 miles on treadmill (hurt just a little around 2 miles)  ran faster than Monday

So, YAY me!  Woo Hoo!

I did make an appointment to see the orthopoedist, though.  I’ll go tomorrow morning after I run.  🙂  At this point, I don’t think there is really anything that he can do for me.  I WOULD like it if he game me a ‘shot’ in the knee!!  I had one last year before we realized that I needed surgery and IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!  The shot that I’m referring to is a steroid shot in the knee that helps with swelling or something….  It lasts for WEEKS AND WEEKS AND WEEKS.  The needle is GIANT sized and it hurts like crazy when you get the shot, but when that soreness wears off, it is like magic.  I ran some of my BEST runs after the shot last year. 

O.K…  I sound like a crack fiend looking for a fix.  (Is crack a ‘fix’ or is it a ‘hit’?)  But I really wouldn’t mind a shot.

What I WILL mind is if the doc finds something wrong and advises me to not run.  I will be crushed. 

I heard this song while running this morning Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen) (Yes, I like Queen.  Yes, I like this song and yes it’s on my playlist – I LOVE THIS SONG!!)  One of my favorite lines is:

“I’m a shooting star leaping through the skies – Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity” 

I feel like I’ve come SOOOOO far from when I first started ‘running’.  I remember thinking that if I could JUST run a whole mile without stopping…  It’s humbling and a source of pride. 


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