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I’ve been struggling to decide what’s a reasonable minimum amount of time that I need to train for a marathon so I can decide which one I want to run.  I need a race with a flat course so I don’t have any more built in obstacles.  Hills are always going to be a struggle for me after my surgery.  I know there’s no race that’s absolutely flat, but I need one that’s close to it.  I want to run in late winter/VERY early spring in the state of Texas.  Let’s face it.  It might be hot here in Texas in March.  I don’t need heat beating me up, either.  The ‘best chance’ time in my head for a race was mid-February, but there is no viable race in Texas in mid-February.  I think my best chance is the Galveston Mardi Gra Marathon on February 5.  Check it out:


My training schedule for this race would be kind of aggressive.  (I just thought of a cheer from high school:  Be aggressive.  B E  A G G R E S S I V E…) I’d have basically 16 weeks to train.  It’s aggressive but I think I can do it.  REMEMBER:  I only want to FINISH the marathon.  I’m not trying to do it quickly.

So.  I’m not completely sure, but I’m penciling in the Galveston Mardi Gras Marathon on February 5.  No comment on WHY IN THE WORLD IT’S ON A SUNDAY.  They’ll have Nestle Toll House Cookies at the end of the race, though 🙂  I wonder if there will be King Cake.   Maybe the thought of cookies and cake will keep me going.   Ooh.  Gumbo, catfish…


So what’s going on with my training?  I ran 5.31 miles yesterday.  As soon as I walked out of the front door, I knew this was NOT going to be one of those great runs that inspire ‘runners’ to get out there every day.  I felt sluggish.  My knee was feeling kind of off – not necessarily hurting, just stiff and kind of sore.  I just wasn’t feeling it but I got on out there anyway.


I don’t think I have ever run as slow as I ran yesterday.  I had to talk myself out of going back home three different times.  Everything was a struggle.  Everything annoyed me. 


On the subject of ANNOYING…  Here’s some stuff I was thinking about during yesterday’s run that is particularly annoying to me when I’m running:

  • Moms and Dads:  PLEASE, when you KNOW you see me coming, PLEASE get over.  You and your children’s backpacks DO NOT get to take up the entire sidewalk.  And after you begrudgingly move over after you realize that yes, I’m coming – GET YOUR KIDS CRAP OVER, TOO.  You can be mad that I stepped on Little Buckehead’s backpack strap all you want, BUT YOU SAW ME COMING AND HIS CRAP WAS IN THE WAY.  Get out of the way the next time. 
  • Grown Ars Men riding bikes:  Uh…  ride on the street.  That’s all I have to say about that.
  • Well-Meaning People in Cars:  I appreciate that you want to let me across the street, but don’t sit there WAITING for me if I’m still half a block away.  I’m running as fast as I can already and I don’t need you pressuring me to hurry across the street.  (I know you meant well, but really – just go.)
  • Old couples out for a walk:  So sweet – so glad you’re keeping active.  But, sorry…  You don’t get the whole sidewalk.  Move over.  Really. 
  • Dog owners:  Pick up your dog’s crap!!  This city has a poop scooping ordinance.  It’s gross to step in your dog’s bowel movements because you are too freaking lazy to pick it up OFF OF THE SIDEWALK!  wow…


Alrighty then.  I think that’s it.  🙂


Fun times ahead! 

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