#OwnChicago :-)

I did it! Yesterday, I ran the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon along with 44,999 other runners!

I got to the race in plenty of time but of course… I had to use the toilet. The lines for the porta potties were all a quarter of a mile long! What can you do, though? I had to go.

After I took care of that, I found my pace group. The group I chose did a 2:1 run walk. I was concerned that all of the stopping and starting would be a problem, but it worked fine.

Here’s some random thoughts that I had during the race:

1.   This race is PACKED! When is it ever gonna thin out? I’m tired of bumping into people.
2.   Run the curbs, people. No need to add on miles.
3.   No thanks, strange lady. I don’t want any cookies.
4.   SO HAPPY TO SEE MY FAMILY! That perked me up 🙂
5.   WHAT? We’ve only run 5 miles? What the hell?
6.  Is this homeless looking guy in the race or is he just trying to cross the street?
7.   This guy in front of me has BO already. No Bueno.
8.   These are some lovely townhouses we’re passing. I wonder how much they cost. Oh, wait. Never mind. Too much snow and cold weather here.
9.    Aww… Look at the little kids playing their toy musical instruments.
10.  High five little kids!
11.   I need to remember to thank some volunteers.
12.  Oh, that sign is funny: “Run like someone called you a jogger!”
13.  Man… 10 miles down. We are going to be running FOREVER!
14.  -laughing- Thanks lady. I’m AM ‘doing the damned thang!’
15.  -feeling choked up- I love the scripture posters. I WILL persevere.
16.  There’s a lot of cute dogs out here.
17.  I thought this course was completely flat. Why are we going uphill?
18.  I need a drink. (Don’t judge.)
19.  I think my toenail is falling off inside my sock. Great.
20. There’s a lot of KT Tape out here.
21.  Why, yes stranger. I would like some of your hand broken pretzels. I need some salt. Craving salt is a weird sensation, btw.
22.  Mmmmm…. Beer. I better not.
23.  Whew! 5 more miles.
24.  I’m hot.
25.  Alrighty. They’re cleaning up the water/Gatorade stations. #FeelingDeflated
26.  Hip hurts. Can’t keep up. Need to slow down.
27.  No need to panic. I’m having fun. I’ll finish eventually.
28.  “Watch out now’,”. (To the group of middle aged men staring at me.) HAHAHAHAHA I’m cracking myself up, now.
29.  Really, Chicago Marathon? Uphill at 25 miles? This is cruel.
30.  OMG!!! I see the finish line. MUST RUN FASTER.
31.  YES!!! I’m finished.
32.  No, Mr. Spotter, Ms. Spotter… I don’t need you. :-

Here are a few pics from the weekend! They’re in random order. I’m feeling too lazy to fix it, so…

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1 Response to #OwnChicago :-)

  1. Lenora says:

    Hey Mary! Congratulations! So proud of you! Love the pictures. It has been too long. We’re trying to plan for a reunion (Cass, Marva, Joy, Viv and I) next year. Give my best to Jeff! It is so weird seeing Sidney all grown up :-). Take care. Love you guys! Lenora

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