I Am Feeling Kind of Emotional


Last week, I was worrying about the weather.  This weekend, I was worried about my physical fitness and preparedness for the race.  Today, I’m feeling emotional.

Why?  Lots of reasons.  I’m so happy that it’s almost here.  I’m happy it’s almost over.  I’m proud of what I’ve done to get this far.  I’m proud of myself for not quitting.  I am excited about what I’ll experience during the marathon.  I’m nervous about what I’ll experience at the marathon.  I want my family to be proud of me.  I want to set a good example for my kids.  I want to inspire someone else to do something that seems out of their realm of possibilities.  I’m not sure why I’ve placed this much significance (and stress) on this event, but I have lots of reasons to be emotional.  It can be overwhelming at times.

This marathon will be my last.  Most likely.  I don’t imagine a scenario where I’d want to run 26.2 miles again, but I guess I shouldn’t rule it out completely.  So, with that in mind, this is MOST LIKELY my last marathon.  I want it to be a good memory.

I want to finish.

I am going to finish.  I’m ready.  I’m mentally and physically prepared.  Can you hear me chanting?  This is my mantra for the race.

If you are at the BofA Chicago Marathon, I’ll be the one at the finish line in tears, I’m sure.

Say hello if you see me!

Tears of Joy

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2 Responses to I Am Feeling Kind of Emotional

  1. dr.gray@cepi-allen.com says:

    I’m so excited and proud of you!!! I’ll be saying a special prayer and cheering you on!!!! -Alicia

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