I Am Not Richard’s Wife


Yep – I have eighteen weeks left to train for my marathon. It seems like a LOOOONG time, but I know it will go quickly.

I ‘made my mind up’ that I was going to add some things to my training: strength training and regularity. I’m still gonna do that. Not today, though. Ugh – I sound like an addict. “I can start something new any time I want.” …right…

But seriously, I AM GOING TO DO BETTER THIS WEEK!!! I have to go to the gym and do my intervals that I didn’t do today. While I am there, I am going to figure out an upper body weight circuit to start doing. It’s kind of a no brainier to figure out because all of the upper body stuff (and the lower) are lined up together. You just go down the line – when you’ve done them all, I think you’re done! I really want to pay a trainer to help me but don’t feel like the pressure to buy more sessions than I want or can afford.


Okay, so they aren’t that bad. I am just extra cheap. If I can’t figure it out on my own, I’ll reconsider.

I had an interesting week of training last week. I did my drills and a short run. My knee started hurting and I skipped a drill day and a cross training day. On Friday, I RAN 9 MILES ALL BY MYSELF AND AT A PACE THAT I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY ABOUT!


The weather was GREAT. I felt rested. My knee didn’t hurt. It was wonderful. I got out much later than I’d planned because
1. I lost my house keys and after looking for them for 40 minutes, I realized I’d dropped them in the garbage.

2. I had to come back home after running down the block and my pants were falling down. I KNEW that wasn’t gonna work out. I should have changed underwear, too. They were a little ‘bunchy’ and slightly uncomfortable. I don’t know what the deal is with my panties lately!


But I was determined to get my long run done and I did. It was a proud ‘me’ moment for sure.

Random: Some guy that I ran past started yelling “Aren’t you Richard’s wife?” He yelled it like 3 times.
No. I’m not Richard’s wife.

Until next time!<

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