Making a List and Checking it…. SEVERAL times

My very first marathon is only FIVE days away!  I am full of so many emotions:  excitement, fear, anxiety, nervousness…  I think these are going to be long days.

I am working on a list of all of the things I will need (or even MIGHT) need to take with me to Galveston.  There are great lists posted on the internet but none of them really lists all of the things that I need specific to me the sports tape, my contact lenses, etc. so I need to have my own.

Before I go further, here’s an update on weather updates:  I’ve only checked the weather in Galveston twice today.  It’s still not looking too good.  There’s a 40% chance of showers and the temps will be between 52 and 60 – so warm, muggy and possibly wet.

Back to my list.  I’m not sure what extra to pack for rain.  I’ve got a cheapie rain poncho (REALLY, REALLY THIN AND REALLY, REALLY CHEAP!), my visor and Body Glide (for which I usually substitute tape).  What else?  I wish there were a way to bring an extra pair of shoes but I don’t know that we should rely on my daughter (15 y/o) to meet us at a designated spot in the race to give us dry shoes.

Making sure I get my list together is really important, but the thing that I am most worried about is getting enough sleep.


So…  I am perimenopausal.


Some of the unfortunate symptoms that I have been having are night sweats, frequent urination (ugh) and inability to actually GO to sleep and STAY asleep.  I happened to have my annual ‘well woman’ check up yesterday.  My doctor suggested an OTC remedy that won’t work for me because it is soy based.  I’m allergic to soy.  (I know this because I’ve had the skin test.)  There is another OTC supplement that contains something called black cohash? but she admitted it might not be very effective for me.  I did get a prescription for low dose BC pills but can’t start taking those.  Not the right ‘time’ yet if you know what I mean.  So…  I wake up 5, 6, 7 times each night for various reasons:  it’s hot, now it’s cold, gotta ‘go’, just can’t sleep…

This is kind of stressful.  I wake up in the morning NOT feeling rested and sometimes in a bad mood because I don’t feel rested.  I am not sure to do.  Last night, I took an OTC sleep aid that didn’t really help.  I was awake for at least two hours after I took it.

Well, it’ll all work out – or it won’t.  We’ll see!

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