Too Much Time on My Hands

Okay, so now I know what I will do this week since I’ve freed up some time not devoted to running. 

I am going to visit and check the weather in Galveston 16 times a day and then send my husband an update.  I secretly believe that he only reads some of my emails – now, I’m pretty sure he won’t read them at all after today.

In case you are wondering:  Currently, there is a 40% chance of ‘scattered t-showers’ with 16mph winds.  Yay…

Ugh…  breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

Oh!  I ordered this today:

I’ve been wanting one and I’m wearing it for the marathon.

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4 Responses to Too Much Time on My Hands

  1. Alice says:

    Cool running skirt! I absolutely love my running skirts. Help to hide the badonkadonk 😉 However, be careful about running your frist marathon in a new skirt. Did you train in a running skirt (same brand)? I don’t want any small annoyances to distract on Sunday. Breaking in a new skirt on race day may be a questionable strategy. Just my two cents…Good luck!

    • Run Dedeaux Run says:

      hmmm – maybe I’ll wait and put it on AFTER the race.  I didn’t think it would bother me but you are right!  No sense in even chancing it.  

      Badonkadonk will just be showing!  

  2. Happy Runner says:

    Love the pink running skirt!

  3. Nina says:

    cute skirt! i love the pink 🙂

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