Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Runners

The other day I read a blog titled Top 10 Reasons I Hate Runners – or something like that. CLICK HERE TO READ IT:

I’m pretty sure it was meant to be satirical but there was some serious hate in many of the comments.  Can’t say it was unwarranted if you didn’t get that it was a satire.   The author talked about ‘fatties’, runners talking about missing toes, runners ‘bragging’ about how many miles they’ve run, etc.  It really was kind of funny.  Anyway.  I decided to write about why I love runners – or at least some of the stuff that runners do.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Runners

#5:  Runners are disciplined and determined.  How many times have you seen that crazy person running along the side of the road when it’s raining or a 100 degrees?  They may be crazy BUT it is hard to stick with a program when the weather isn’t cooperating.  Have you ever been out on a Friday night and your friend (the runner) ends her night early because she has to run the next morning?  Discipline.  Trust me.

#4:  Runners like to share information and tips with other runners.  Don’t believe me?  Just walk into your local running shop and ask for advice about something, anything.  Of course the Chatty Cathys and Charlies will talk you up, but even the Closed Lipped Larrys will be surprisingly talkative, too.  It’s pretty nice.  More experienced runners will almost always try to help us newer runners wherever they can.

#3:  Runners often have GREAT stories to tell.  The subjects of these stories can range from crazy race experiences to losing toenails to incredible stories of triumph and beating the odds.  Some of the stories are so inspirational they can bring tears to the eyes.  Some are so funny you’ll wet your pants laughing!

#2: Runners are tough.  Missing a toenail?  No big deal – run anyway.  Dog chasing you?  No problem, stare it down…  okay – RUN FASTER!  Fall and get bruised up?  That’s okay – get up and keep going.

#1 Reason I love Runners:

Runners are encouraging and accepting of each other.  I know this first hand and have been the beneficiary of this encouragement and acceptance so many times I couldn’t count them.  Here, on my blog, I’ve written some pretty ‘down in the dumps’ type posts about my training and it never fails:  someone will post something to cheer me on or encourage me to keep going.  It seems like such a minor thing but it really means a lot.  There are countless sites devoted to runners’ forums, lots of facebook pages/groups where members post and receive encouragement.  There are also many, many running clubs, runners groups and runners meet and greet events that exist for the purpose of lifting up and encouraging each other.  That is pretty nice!

These are just some of the reasons I love runners.

Why do YOU love runners?

p.s.  17 days til my marathon!

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3 Responses to Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Runners

  1. Happy Runner says:

    Love the post! I also find that runners have a very positive outlook. We show it when we run in the rain without toenails, chased by dogs and still smile and wave at strangers. 🙂

  2. I ran across your blog on BGR Dallas. Love the post. I also reposted on the BGR LA page. Everything you said was so true. I love the BGR community and the support they show runners at all levels.

  3. It’s clear from reading the reasons for hating runners that those people are just jealous and threatened by our greatness and awesome running culture. 😉 Love your reasons!

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