One Week Down

I’ve completed (sort of) my first official week of training for the marathon next February.  It was rough.  I say I ‘sort of’ completed the week’s training because I didn’t do the last 4 mile run. 

I’ve been doing a 21 day ‘No Junk Food’ Challenge and the 21st day was Friday.  My long run for the week was supposed to be Saturday.  I had plans for Friday night that involved fried fish and cake.  Fried catfish and cake do not make for a good dinner the night before a run, so….  I did my long 8 mile run on Friday and planned to do the final 4 mile run on Saturday morning.  Hmph…   That didn’t work out!

I did the long run on Friday. I actually ran 8.18 miles.  😐  (Nike+ GPS strikes again!) It was kind of hard but I got through it.  My only disappointment was how slow I ran it.  I felt myself slowing down and then by the time I thought “I need to run faster”, I’d been running half a mile at a snail’s pace.  My whole run went pretty much like that.  I guess my tempo and pace runs on the treadmill will help with this.  We’ll see.  So anyway.  I did the 8 mile run on Friday instead of Saturday – check.  On Saturday morning, I was T.I.R.E.D. and worn out – there was no way in HELL I was gonna run 4 miles Saturday morning.  I lounged around the house and slept most of the morning but I kept daydreaming that I was going to go to the gym ‘any second now’ and do the 4 mile run.  Yo no lo hice…

So, I SORT of finished my first week of training.  Five days of running is a big jump from my previous 3 days a week schedule.  Hopefully, I’ll get them all done next week.  Wish me luck!


I forgot two things:

1.  I almost fell after tripping over something on the sidewalk!  It was Friday at about mile 7 and the grass had been recently cut so clippings were all over the sidewalk.  I didn’t see anything, but I tripped.  I IMMEDIATELY  thought “I am NOT falling on my knee” and shoved my hands out in front of me to try to break the fall.  My knee got about 4-5 inches from the ground but I was able to upright myself.  I twisted my knee kind of weird and had to limp for about a half a mile, though.


2.  I KNOW why there’s a short run BEFORE the long run.  Most likely, I’ll be worn out and tired and will NEED the day off after a long run.  I should never have thought to try to do a long run and follow it the next day with with even a short one.  That’s my lesson for the week 😉 – learned the hard way.

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4 Responses to One Week Down

  1. Don’t worry about speed yet, just get the distance in. You’re doing fine. 🙂

  2. Run Dedeaux Run says:

    Thanks 🙂 I just have this fear that they’ll close the race down and I won’t be finished yet!

  3. Arlene says:

    Yes, focus on distance first. Also, your shorter runs during the week can be used to work a little on speed, but don’t be disappointed when your pace is not what you expect. Every runner has good days and bad days. When you do your longer runs take them at a slightly slower pace than your shorter runs. You’re probably already faster than me, and really, that’s all anybody needs to be, LOL. Kidding. 🙂

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