Chugging Along

My second run ‘post being broke down’ went just okay today. 

I ran 2.5 miles, which is a tiny bit further than last Friday.  I ran it 30 seconds per mile faster, too.  My knee was kind of hurting the entire time, though.  I even limped a couple of times.  So here’s my confession I ran WAY more than I was supposed to run and I did not stop running when my knee started hurting.  I ‘listened to my body’ but I didn’t change my behavior after I heard what it had to say.  I couldn’t help myself.  I SO dislike this recovery phase.  😦

Gross Alert:  Another toenail fell off!  Why does this keep happening to me?  Yes, I have correctly fitting shoes.  Yes, I’ve got good socks.  Ugh.  There is a new one already there, but it’s thin and weird looking.  I guess I’ll be putting the flip flops away for a couple of weeks.  Hello closed toes…

Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym and do the resistance training that the PT advised for me.  I don’t like the downstairs part of the gym.  The people always look like they are annoyed with ‘outsiders’.  Isn’t that funny?  Maybe there will be that person downstairs wondering if I chose to come to the gym in the middle of the night so that no one sees me exercising.  They will be right!  I think this will be my plan.  I will run in the morning after 8 on the street and do my resistance training at the gym in the middle of the night when my husband goes. 

No random thoughts today.  Nothing weird happened on my run.  No whining.  No excuses.

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