Coming Soon to a Street Near You!

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It’s been 55 days since my knee surgery and today was my very last visit with my physical therapist!  No high fives, no ticker tape and no somersaults, BUT I am SO GLAD that I am finished with that part of my recovery.  Yay me!


My right leg is still weaker than the left one and I cannot do squats or kneel.  Both are pretty painful.  I CAN use the elliptical machine without any real issues and I can walk pretty far without feeling it the next day.


I got some instructions about strength training to do and a reminder about how I ‘just had surgery’ .  (Okay – I think ‘just’ is a bit of an exaggeration on the therapist’s part…  I did not ‘just’ have surgery…)  Oh, and guess what else?  I can run ON THE STREET for two or three miles!  I still have to run/walk – and mostly walk for a couple of weeks, but I’m good to go.  I can keep changing the run/walk ratio to more running and adding miles as long as I ‘listen to my body’.  If I’m hurting and broke down the day after running/walking, I should pull back a little.  If I’m okay – meaning I can stand up without hurting, go up and down stairs okay and basically function without hurting too much, I can increase the distance, too. 


So, maybe I’ll see you on the street while I’m out running in the morning.  I won’t be going fast and it might not be pretty, but I’ll be out there!!!!



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