The Day is Coming!

I’ve got two more physical therapy sessions left.  Or at least I’ve been authorized by my insurance company to go to two more physical therapy sessions – which is pretty much the same thing.  I’m stopping when the insurance stops paying…  But THAT is another topic for somebody else’s blog.


Therapy has gotten a little harder each time.  I’ve been doing a little more on my own in between sessions and I am SOOOO excited.  I feel stronger.  I can bear my weight on my knee for the most part.

What’s easy:  walking, the elliptical, stepping up from the side, straight leg lifts, quad exercise on the ‘Total Gym

What’s kinda hard/hurts a little:  cycling, stepping on a stair facing it, squats

What hurts:  everything on the ‘whats kinda hard/hurts a little category after about 10 minutes


Next week, the plan for physical therapy will include…  drum roll, please…  RUNNING!!!   Just a little bit, though.  The kind of little bit where you put your thumb and index finger REALLY close together…  you know, and you squint your eyes as you say it.  I don’t care, though.  A little finger pinch, squinty eyed ‘little bit’ is more than none at all!  Maybe I’m more excited that this event warrants.  Nah….  This is big!!


I’m thinking about cheating and running a little at the gym on Saturday or Sunday just so I’ll sort of know what to expect at therapy.  It can’t hurt, right??


First, I have to figure out how much is a little bit…


Fun times ahead 🙂

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