Taking it Slow

It’s been three days since I got the bandage taken off of my knee and I’m feeling better every day. I’m still taking medicine for the pain but only at night.   I’ve been using just one crutch to walk around when I’m not at home. I’ve also been trying to bend my knee more. That’s not going so great. I can bend it, but can’t put any weight on it while it’s bent.

This morning, while walking down the stairs, I was painfully reminded that I am NOT recovered and I have serious limitations. I was trying to walk down the stairs like ‘regular’ and almost fell. I’m not sure what happened, but my food slipped and my knee gave out and I slipped down two steps. I caught myself, but it was scary. I had two glasses, my phone and iPad in my hands. Note to self: Be more careful.

I feel like my leg is a foreign object that happens to be attached to my body and I keep dragging it around with me for some reason. I want my old leg with my old knee back.

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