Moving Right Along

I lost 10 inches today. So what if it was just 10 inches of bandage and padding. I am SOOOO glad to have gotten the bandages from surgery removed this morning. Sure, my knee hurts and I’m kind of stiff, but the bandage was terrible. I couldn’t sleep well because I was basically stuck in one position: lying on my back with my leg propped on a little pillow. Sounds okay but it was uncomfortable. Luckily, it was only for 3 nights and now I’M FREE!!! 🙂

I have the pictures from the arthroscopy. According to the doctor, I had a big gash in my cartilage and then fraying. I guess… The photos sort of look like phases of the moon to me! I should ‘much better’ now, though. That’s the official prognosis.

I am able to get up and down the stairs by myself, now. I’m only using one crutch and I could really go without them all together. I’m using it just in case I stumble or something. I didn’t take pain meds because I need to drive my daughter and myself around this morning. I can tell the difference without the pills but it’s manageable. So, I’m healed! ready to run!!

I was only kidding. I know I’m just starting recovery. I can walk around a little bit then my knee starts hurting and I have to sit and rest it. My instructions are that I can do whatever I want until it starts hurting – which does not take long – so I won’t be doing much. Oh! I get to shower again! Woo Hoo!!!

Next week, I will probably be back at physical therapy. Hopefully, I’ll patch up and recover quickly and I’ll be back out on the streets! …running…

Until then, I’ll see you around. Watch out for the electronic carts. I may be driving.

It may not look so much like it now, but I can do it!

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2 Responses to Moving Right Along

  1. Liz says:

    Please, please, please let me know if you will be on any electric carts soon. I would love to witness that display. I will even reach for the things on the high shelves!

    Seriously, if you need a Starbucks or Target run, let me know! Glad to hear you are getting around better!

  2. Run Dedeaux Run says:

    It was funny. At Kroger, I ran onto the bagel display in the bakery and I sure hope they can unjam the cart at Target. I was trying to park it and I got stuck between two poles. Oops…

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