I’m having a party! You wanna come?

I believe there is a conspiracy to keep me out of this race.  No one wants me to run this marathon.  There’s always SOMETHING to deal with.  I should have known I couldn’t do this.  Whoa is me.

Alright, I’ve gotten that over with.  You can put your party dress back in the closet.  No pity party just yet.

Wondering what’s going on?  I need knee surgery.  I know…  WHAT THE HELL??  (Sorry – this isn’t a children’s blog.)  I’ve been struggling with one ailment after another since last October.  It was my knee, then I got a cortisone shot and it was ‘healed’.  My hip started hurting.  I got a cortisone shot and physical therapy and it’s good.  My knee (the same one as before) hurts again.  I got physical therapy and it’s not any better.  So, one more doctor visit and an MRI later and here I am.  I’ve got cartilage damage and if I want to ever run without the knee pain, I need surgery.  hmph… 

I’ve already heard too many stories about friends of friends who’ve had knee surgery and were on crutches, in casts, wearing braces, had to quit sports, blah, blah, blah…  Ugh.  I know people just want to be helpful (some people just want to talk), but please:  if you want to be helpful to me, tell me about the people that you know who’ve had knee surgery and were in better shape after a QUICK recovery.  What 40-somethings do you know who are GLAD they had knee surgery?  Those are the stories I need to hear. 

You may need that party dress before it’s over.  I’m having a hard time with this but I’m trying to keep looking at the bright(ish) side.  I’ll be on crutches for just two days and possibly recuperating for just two weeks.  It will be tight but I could still have time to train – I think.

Oh, boy…  CAN I DO THIS? 

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