My ‘Foundation’ for Running

I am a busty lady and this presents LOTS of challenges when running.  A little jiggling during some other activity like bike riding, yoga or even walking turns into earthquake-like bouncing and misbehaving when you have a DDD cup (yes, those exist.)  It’s not cute.  I won’t even mention all of the strappy, brightly colored, happy looking  tops that I can’t buy because I look like a stripper when I put them on.  It’s just not appropriate to run with half of our boobies showing – and that’s what happens when I wear a strappy running top.  ps… I mean no disrespect for the strippers.  It’s just that I don’t need the extra attention when I’m running. 😉

So, what to do?  I REALLY needed a bra to strap them down and keep them still – WITHOUT digging in so deep that it draws blood.  So, I searched the internet high and low.  Alright, I don’t really know if ‘high and low’ is applicable to the internet, but I did a LOT of searching and reading reviews to find a bra that would work for me.   I was driven to the internet because no store in my area sold a bra in my size.  This is really ridiculous because I live in a MAJOR metropolitan area.  There are a million malls here.  We have all sorts of speciality stores:  running, biking, plus size, petite size, big men, little men…  There is just no store that sells anything for the busty runner.  Not one.  I know because I’ve checked.  You can buy up to a size 42 bra (no, I don’t wear a 42…)  but the cup sizes stop at D.  Even the plus size stores are lacking in this area.  There just aren’t any brick and mortar stores selling what I need.

I searched high and low and came up with a few options, which I tried one by one.  Bras are expensive and ESPECIALLY expensive the larger they get and the more motion control they have.  I have no idea why…  Here’s what I came up with – in the order that I purchased them:

Glamorise Sports Bra – $43 – didn’t really do a good job of keeping ’em still if you know what I mean.  Should have kept that $43.

Enell Sports Bra – $64 – made especially for the ‘well – endowed’ woman according to their website.  I didn’t like this one.  I couldn’t get comfortable with the front closure – a million little hooks.  I did like the great back support, but it didn’t make up for the awkwardness of the front closure for me.  Waste of $64 plus shipping.

Goddess Sports Bra – $44 – only comes in drab colors but does the job – minus the uniboob look, but I can’t be that picky!  I have several of these and I’ve been happy with their performance

If  you see me running, you’ll be amazed at the way my girlies just sit there and behave themselves.

Perhaps we’ll discuss some other foundation issues on another day!  Until then, I CAN DO THIS!!!

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3 Responses to My ‘Foundation’ for Running

  1. Karen says:

    You had me laughing out loud, Mary. I even read your post to my real life “girls” (my daughters.) I look forward to hearing more about your journey into the full marathon. Someday I may run another. Maybe you’ll even inspire me, but for now the ones I’ve done are pleasant enough memories to leave them alone….

  2. jeff- your husband says:

    I’m a busty lady is the way you start your 1st blog. lol, that’s too crazy

  3. Every Day Fancy says:

    Dear Jeff my husband,
    This is my second post so, no… It’s not how I started my blog 😉

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