Running With the Invisible Hand

Yesterday, my scheduled long run was 12-13 miles.  I’ve been really thinking about the amount of hills on my runs (I don’t like them) and I TRIED to map out a route with a flatter course.  After trying over and over with no success, I decided to run with the ‘invisible hand’.

I was introduced to the invisible hand by my husband.  He uses it for things such as vacation itineraries, down time on the weekend, etc.  It hasn’t failed him as far as I know.  I’ve been with him on many invisible hand journeys and they’ve worked out well.

Since I had to drop off my husband’s car to get new tires, I decided to start my run from the auto shop.  I live about a mile from the shop but have never once run past it.  Confession:  If I run toward this shop, it’s basically uphill for a mile.  No bueno.

So anyway, I dropped off the car and headed toward the downtown area of Clayton, MO.  It was uphill.  I was okay, though.  The weather was still a little bit cool and I didn’t mind the uphill so much.  The Invisible Hand took me through the very lovely Shaw Park and onto the Great Rivers Greenway trail.  It’s a really beautiful paved trail that is nicely maintained.  It DID get a little creepy in a few places where the plantings were really thick mace walkerand I couldn’t see either the road on one side or the homes on the other.  I was the ONLY person on the greenway.  I kept thinking that I needed mace or something.

I didn’t pay attention to the fact that the trail was only 2.1 miles long, though.  I ended up turning and running down a street I’ve run before.  I headed back to somewhere that I’m also really familiar with:  Forest Park.  My back and left knee started hurting toward the 10 mile mark and I did a little more walking that I intended.  I finished 12 miles, though.  I walked another .77 miles to get home.  I’d say that was enough.

Side note:  I TOTALLY forgot to try out the 3:1 walk/run thing.  Totally forgot.  I walked 100 steps at 2-1/2 miles, 5 miles, 7 miles and again at 9 miles.  I don’t know how I decided on 100 steps.

The route was okay.  If I were a bit more adventurous, I would have turned down the opposite way at the end of the trail instead of running the familiar direction.  Maybe I’ll do that the next time.

I’ve got ONE more long run of 10 (or maybe 8) miles before the marathon and I’ve got some mixed emotions about things.

This race is REAL.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Until next time!

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6 Responses to Running With the Invisible Hand

  1. travfoern says:

    ok, I really want to know..what is the invisible hand and how does it help you run uphill?

    • RunDedeauxRun says:

      🙂 The Invisible Hand is really just your own whim. I ran with no plan. No idea where I’d end up. I figured since I couldn’t map a route to avoid hills, I’d just ran and see where I ended up.

      I resorted to the IH because I was getting frustrated trying to figure out where I could run a flat course. I figured chance would be as good as anything else. It was my attempt at being adventurous.

      It worked out that I had some rolling hills for about 3 miles total. I wasn’t running along trying to remember what street to turn onto next and I didn’t feel the usual dread that I feel when I KNOW hills are up ahead – until I got to the part of the course that I always run.

      Will I run with the invisible hand again? Maybe.

      • travfoern says:

        Very cool 🙂 Yes running without a plan is true freedom and makes me usually go longer then I would with the plan..the adventure is in not knowing..I never thought of it as an invisible hand! I really enjoyed your writing 🙂

  2. theexsaffa says:

    I do that quite often but never thought of it as an invisible hand but more as an adventure of freedom;);) I enjoy just running the kms with my Garmin and if I’m still able to push on the run, I’ll make up mileage that I allocated myself. I remember doing a run once where I hadn’t planned a 12miler but deviated from my 6mile route and ended up doing an extra 6mile because I didn’t know where I was;) It was fun and also a little scary because at the time I hadn’t brought water and no way of contacting anyone. I made it and live to tell the tale. Well done with your run and I find putting too much emphasis on the route takes the shear pleasure of running away..

  3. theexsaffa says:

    It is always good test yourself . Mind over matter;);)

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