Mind or Body?

Today is my off day but I ran anyway.  Why?  I saw a FB post for a Runner’s World Run Streak and decided to join.  The challenge is to run at least a mile every day between Memorial Day (May 27) and Independence Day (July 4).  You can read about it here:  http://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/runners-world-summer-run-streak-2013

So today was my first day to run on my off day and I must say, it was a struggle.  One mile.  And it was a struggle.

So I started thinking about all of my runs.  I am ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS tired and sluggish for the first part of my run.  It doesn’t matter how long I’m supposed to run;  I always have a hard time for the first 2 to 3 miles.  Since my runs of late have been relatively short, this means I am struggling for nearly the entire run.  I don’t know what it is – maybe I need extra warm up time.  My husband suggested I incorporate some walk time before the run like I do for after the run.  I am too impatient for that so I’m not sure I’ll be doing it.

Okay – back to the point.  I was wondering if maybe I’m NOT tired and that my mind is just trying to get me to stop.  I seem to be held hostage by my mind sometimes.  I’ll be thinking “It’s too hot”, “This hill is going to be too hard”, “There’s no way I am going to run without stopping” AND then I stop and walk.  But then, I think “Ugh – I’m not tired.   Why did I stop?”

Have I just convinced myself of stuff that ISN’T true?  I hope so.  I would like to keep believing that hard work and training pay off.

As I’m writing this, I think I remember writing about this before.  Does that mean I haven’t made any progress in the positive thinking arena or does this mean I’m asking too much of this skin, bone and flesh that I call my body?  How does my desire and hope factor into this equation?  I guess we’ll find out!Keep Running

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3 Responses to Mind or Body?

  1. If you’re still running, you’ve made progress. Our mind is the biggest block we have in running. I love to run. Love. Love. Love to run. I run 20 miles for fun, BUT I always bitch, moan, and say in my head “I don’t want to do this” until I pass the 2 mile mark. At that point I’m in my happy place and can run forever, or so it seems.

    Don’t let your mind rule you. When you say to yourself “I won’t be able to run up that hill” the second you hear “I won’t,” “I can’t” shut it down and say to yourself, out loud, I can run up that hill, I can keep running. Unless you’re in pain, of course. Doesn’t matter how SLOW you run up the hill, you CAN run up that hill. Trust me on that.

    The more your prove your mind wrong the quieter your mind will get in telling you can’t. It just takes time. When you say to yourself “I need to walk” make yourself wait a little longer. You might find that by waiting just a little longer to walk you actually ran the whole way.

    Good luck to you, regardless. You’re doing great simply because you’re running!

  2. My first mile is the worst mile and I don’t have the patience to walk at first. Nike+ is watching, so if I walk then my overall pace will seem slower… As if I have a reputation to uphold or something! I am trying to me more consistent in my workouts, but the humidity is kicking in down here so I think I will be switching to more yoga. Even in the heated room, the humidity is lower than the humidity outside. Just keep running, though!

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