Completely Random

So, I was running the other day and I realized something very different here in St. Louis.  I run in the late morning to early afternoon.  In Allen, TX (where I used to live), all of the runners at that time of day were very similar to me:  middle aged women.  Here, though, runners are almost all young – I mean early 20s. 

What difference does that make?  None really – except that EVERYONE is running faster than me, now.  I used to run past a person every now and then but now…  not so much.  Our neighborhood is adjacent to Washington University and I guess those kids like to run.  

That’s okay, though.  It doesn’t make my run any longer or slower even if it does seem like it!

Did I mention that this post was totally random?

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1 Response to Completely Random

  1. Nina says:

    haha, now you just need to get faster to beat those young bunnies 😉

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