Merry Christmas and On to Week 14

I got up this morning and ran my final 4 mile run of the week.  It was okay.  My knee was a little achy, so we took the regular walk break at the 1-1/2 mile points.  I was glad to have gotten it done.  4 miles plus the other 36 I ran this week makes this a 40 mile week!  I think I have one more 40 mile week before the marathon.


Here’s what this week was like:

  • Monday:  5 easy miles
  • Tuesday:  8 miles at marathon pace on treadmill
  • Wednesday:  5 miles doing 1/2 mile intervals
  • Thursday:  off
  • Friday:  19 miles
  • Saturday:  4 easy miles
  • Sunday:  Off – CHRISTMAS!!



Next Week’s Plan:

  • Monday:  5 easy miles (in Houston)
  • Tuesday:  8 miles at marathon pace (I may run this one outside)
  • Wednesday:  5 miles doing intervals on treadmill
  • Thursday: 4 easy miles
  • Friday:  off
  • Saturday:  running a half marathon:  New Year’s Double – Allen, Texas
  • Sunday:  running a 5K:  New Year’s Double – Allen, Texas  (They have a really nice medal holder if you do two races back to back!)

Total Miles:  38.1

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