Gotta Go, Gotta Go!

I’m on vacation in South Carolina but I’m still trying to stay on the plan.  I mean EXERCISE plan because I AM in the south:  land of slower living, all things pork and best of all…  Krispy Kreme and Bojangles.  I haven’t had either of our family favorites, yet but I have a hunch we’ll be going by both places today.  Yay!  So anyway.  I am keeping the best I can to the exercise plan but am unfortunately eating like there is no tomorrow.  That’s okay – if tomorrow gets here, I’ll do better then.  🙂

I ran 7 miles on the treadmill today.  I was doing okay until I had to ‘go’.  The urge was strong sometimes, less so at other times, but for the majority of the last 5 miles, I needed to ‘go’.  Why in the world would I write about this?  I have no idea.  I just kept thinking and wondering how bad it would have to get before I’d get off of the treadmill, walk all of the way downstairs to the dressing room and visit the ladies’ room.   I know if I went down there, I might not come back, so I just kept going.  I guess I didn’t need to go as bad as I was imagining I needed to go.  It’s gets boring on the treadmill and my mind wanders. 

It wandered back to one time last year when our group was running and everyone thought they saw a lady in the woods using the bathroom.  It was in  residential area off the path of the public hike/bike trail – which is used by lots of people.  Dang!  I didn’t see her.  I think I was in Mary World at the time but three of the other people running with me did see her.  It was crazy.   Just how bad did she need to ‘go’?  How long did she run before she decided the semi-wooded trail was a good place to stop and relieve herself?  Did she know she was spotted?

Oh, well.  I clearly don’t have  much going on.

I ran and I can do this!  🙂

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