I had a GREAT run on the treadmill this morning.  My breathing was under control, nothing was hurting and I actually had one of those disapearing miles.  You know when you are running and running and you look down and you’ve run another mile and didn’t even realize it.  It was really nice. 

I was watching this lady that I’d been watching from the back for a week now.  She is TINY but very shapely and seems to be in good physicial condition.  She was on the stair climber today and I was trying to decide how young I thought she was.  Did I mention that she is TINY?  No bumps or bulges visible from the back.  (Not that I was looking for any or that I was looking that hard!)  Anyway…  I was fiddling with my phone trying to adjust my music and was sort of in my own little zone.  I looked up and she was standing right in front of my threadmill.  She said she just wanted to tell me that I was ‘really working it out’.  You know – encouragement.  It was nice.  BUT THIS TINY LADY IS EASILY MY AGE!  I was kinda disapponted.  I was hoping that I’d have the excuse of youth to explain why she is TINY and I am er, um… not.  Oh, well.  C’est la vie, right?

After grappling with issues related to my knee, treatment and recovery, it’s time to address another issue:  weight loss.  Ugh.  I need to get back to ‘running weight’.  Weeks of inactivity, eating like a fool and just sheer apathy have not been good to me – or that number on the scale.  I can’t deny the obvious ANY longer.  I really need to drop a few ‘lbs’.  My hips, knees and the threads on my pants will all thank me!  There’s a funny video on You Tube that I’m reminded of right now.  There are some words in it that go something like this:  “No more hot cakes, no bacon, no more fried chicken, no more gravy…”.  You can see it here:  http://youtu.be/dYqM9-Fj0Pg.

So, I guess I’m on two simultaneous journeys:  marathon training and weight loss.  Yay!

I can do this, though!  🙂

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2 Responses to Unmentionable

  1. Felicia Layeni says:

    Congratulations! I know you are going to be so successful at this and I look forward to your journey!!! Great post!

  2. Run Dedeaux Run says:

    Thanks! It will be an interesting few months – to say the least!

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